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An American Man’s True Story About His Thai Mail Order Bride
An American Man’s True Story About His Thai Mail Order Bride
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An American Man’s True Story About His Thai Mail Order Bride

2 July 2019
Multiethnic couple

Thai mail order brides make ideal wives: not only are they beautiful but caring and supportive. Thousands of Western men dream of marrying Thai brides. Here’s the story of an American man who found his Thai love.

I never assumed I would end up looking for a wife overseas. But this is life — my ex screwed me up, devastated I started seeking new relationships among fellow American girls. I’m an attractive 37-year-old upper-middle-class man, and nobody would say I had no hope among women. But after the breakup I lost my hope and my fortune — I couldn’t find «gold» among all ladies that I met (even though they were amazing — just not my cup of tea). 

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One of my friends suggested I registered on a mail order bride site. I was skeptical at first — seriously, why would I do such a thing? But with time I decided to give it a shot. Why not, after all. I created an account, uploaded a picture of myself and started browsing through Asian brides profiles. Why Asian? I always dreamt of dating an Asian type of girls, some of my American ex-girlfriends were of Asian descent.

For some reason, Thai mail order brides caught my eye. They looked so attractive, hot and innocent simultaneously, that my masculine nature could not stand it. I saw one lady — Thai girl with very big dark eyes, porcelain skin and beautiful dark hair. I was wondering — she is so beautiful but why is she a Thai mail order bride? Doesn’t she have enough of men’s attention in her country? So I texted her, asking about what she was doing on the mail order bride site. That’s how we started talking.

It wasn’t 'love from first sight'. To be frank, I didn’t find anything special in her at first. Yes, she was very attractive, but it was just an online profile and I didn’t have to have high expectations. But some chemistry happened — we were texting more and more often. She was so nice to me, more than any other girl that I approached! This Thai mail order bride was telling me about her life, her routines and she was very attentive and curious my whole life. I found myself addicted to checking my inbox on the mail order bride site…

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Some of my friends started mocking me for my new addiction. Moreover, they were warning me that the only things that Thai girls are looking for are money and green card. I laughed at them. I knew my Thai mail order bride was more than just a bar-girl who looked for benefits. She was writing such lengthy emails. Then we started having video calls. I can’t express how thrilled I was to see her face and hear the voice! She seemed to be an angel in disguise…

I gave up. I bought tickets and arranged and office date with her in Bangkok with the help of the mail order bride agency. We met…

What to say? It’s been almost a year since then and now we are happily married. And hopefully we will soon enjoy the birth of Thai-American babies — it would be a perfect happy-ending of my Thai mail order bride story. Wish us blessings and luck!

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