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Beautiful Filipina Gets The Title of Miss Universe 2018
Beautiful Filipina Gets The Title of Miss Universe 2018
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Beautiful Filipina Gets The Title of Miss Universe 2018

21 January 2019
Catriona Gray Philippines girl

Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray, Miss Universe 2018 , was born on Jan 6th, 1994. She is the fourth Filipino to win the Miss Universe pageant . She was earlier crowned as Miss Universe Philippines 2018 and Miss World Philippines 2016. She entered the world of pageantry at a very tender age of 5. Yes, she was that young when she won Little Miss Philippines in Sydney in the year 1999. Catriona is a very simple person who wants to change the perception that beauty queens are all perfect.

The country of islands and filipino girls: Philippines

Philippines, a small yet beautiful country, is known for its famous island hopping and the Philippian girls . If you are a lover of islands, pack your bags and visit the diversified land of Philippines. The coastal areas are a sight of boatmen with their bangkas ready to explore the beauty. With pride and honor stands out the country Philippines, as the second largest Archipelago. And, without any doubt, the country has a population of beautiful, young Philippine girls to add to its filipina beauty!

Equal treatment for all filipino women

Another appreciable fact about the Philippines is the status of filipino women in the country. The land of islands has always treated women with the utmost care ensuring equality. Be it about their status, education, legal rights or beauty pageants, a Filipina girl enjoys the liberty at its best. Probably that's the reason the country owns 4 Miss Universe titles.

Old tradition of participating in beauty pageants


The growing fascination of Filipino girls towards beauty pageants dates back to the ‘60s and ‘70s. On Monday, 17th December the headlines surfaced all across the globe when Catriona Gray was announced Miss Universe 2018. The Philippines busted with happiness and joy as the Crown was back in the country. The Philippines has managed to be the house of crowns in recent years.

The illustrious journey of the prettiest Philippines girl: Catriona Gray


It is rightly said that a when a woman lays her eye on something, the possession is a must. Abiding by the same thoughts, Catriona Gray brought laurels to her native country. As she was awarded the top glamorous beauty pageants, Miss Universe 2018. What makes one apart is the thick and thin in their lifetime. However, it is significant that the values and lessons which come along are treasured well.

Her journey

Let’s have a look into her beautiful yet heartwarming journey of Miss Universe:

When the filipina beauty found her purpose

Anybody doesn’t really bet her profession in pageantry as it is. There has to be a strong and worthy purpose. It seems the current Miss Universe already knew the secret. Volunteering an NGO – Young Focus, she witnessed the plights of poorly conditioned slum and their life. The streets of Tondo had needy kids rooting for schooling and betterment. The Philippine girl understood the country requires a change. And to her surprise, pageantry became her platform.

From missing Miss World 2016 to winning Miss Universe 2018


The first stop was the famous Beauty pageant – Miss World 2016. Before entering into the competitive world, she was well acquainted with beauty pageants. She had been winning a number of them for her country. The journey towards a dream is never straight. However, with spectacular attractiveness and extraordinary intellect, she passes all the preliminaries. Yes, a Philippine woman was in top 5.

Staying true to the purpose

But they say a successful journey is incomplete without failures. Fortune had something bigger planned for this Filipino lady. Though she wasn’t able to win the title in 2016, two years another prestigious title was waiting. She didn’t stop, considering how important is her purpose. After winning Binibining Pilipinas-Universe , she was a worthy contestant in the Miss Universe run. With the same poise and panache, Catriona finally wore the crown sought after by the entire world.

The answer that made the Philippines win

Which is the most crucial stage when adrenaline runs all over your body in Miss Universe pageant? Yes, the response to the question. Undoubtedly, talented Catriona made it through.

The perfect answers

She was questioned, ‘What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your life and how would you apply it to your time as Miss Universe?” To her surprise, who can be the best candidate to answer this? She gave the perfect answer about how her experience about slums led her to this platform. Catriona explained beautifully:

‘I want to use the title as a spokesperson. As an active citizen and responsible human towards the nation.’

Her purpose is to bring a smile and foster the development of those street kids.

Why finding a wife in the Philippines is a good idea?

How can somebody else cope up to this generous answer? The country applauded with enthusiasm when former Miss Universe 2017 crowned Catriona. She was capable of defeating the odds and becoming the best version of herself. All filipino women are of this mindset only. Hence, opting for Philippines mail order brides is the best idea!

Get the girl of your dreams - a beautiful filipina bride

Philippines wives have done the impossible in the past as well. The ladies in this island are a dreamer, loyal, honest and generous humans. They understand their responsibilities and work for the same. To all the men out there to find a Filipina wife isn’t an easy task. Make sure you work harder to impress the ladies here. Marry a filipina and get yourself a beautiful looking wife!

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