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Main Page Blog Explore Chinese Wedding Traditions And Ceremony

Explore Chinese Wedding Traditions And Ceremony

9 June 2022
Explore Chinese Wedding Traditions And Ceremony

Chinese people value their families a lot, which is why the institution of marriage is also equally important. Chinese society is a traditional one, and many people there grow up with the idea that it’s natural to get married while growing up. They usually see marriage as continuing the family lineage as well as creating a union between the two families. Besides, Chinese brides see the Chinese wedding ceremony as a custom and sacred tradition of being connected to each other for life.

Chinese wedding traditions and customs are passed down from generation to generation. And even though there may have been some changes over the years, the primary objectives and elements still remain the same. The wedding ceremony aims to join two families and to ensure future descendants.

It is also made to receive the blessing of families and to make a promise of fertility and success, sharing financial and social responsibilities.

But thatโ€™s not everything that traditional culture incorporates the meaning of the Chinese marriage rituals. Continue reading and find out everything that you should know about Chinese marriage customs. Also, if you have yet to meet your stunning Chinese bride, use to find the best reviews of dating sites that you should consider looking for a hot Asian lady online.

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Stages of Chinese tradition wedding 

According to Chinese marriage traditions, there are three stages that every couple undergoes if they want to marry. They are quite similar to Western traditions: proposal, engagement, and wedding, but people in China do it differently. Letโ€™s dive into each of the following stages in detail.

Chinese proposal traditions

chinese marriage

Traditionally, the marriage process starts with a proposal and further acceptance or denial. But it is not the same as in Western countries, as Chinese people see marriage as a union of two family lines. The parents of grooms initiate the proposal and come to the family of Chinese brides for marriage.

There is a Chinese wedding custom (pre-wedding one) where the groomโ€™s family offers the bride a big wedding gift that consists of food, cigarettes, wine, gold and silver jewelry, and other signs of wealth. The interesting fact is that the engagement ring is not a part of the proposal. And actually, a couple is not obliged to wear wedding rings after the wedding. Another fun fact is that the bride’s side may even consult a fortune-teller before accepting the proposal.

Chinese engagement traditions

Accepting the proposal means taking the betrothal gifts. If it is done, the wedding can not be called off lightly. The girl’s parents will give special bridal cakes to relatives and friends as a way to share the happy news and invite them to the festivity. Invited people are expected to present gifts in return for bridal cake, to congratulate the family of the bride with such great news.

Also, the girl’s family sends presents to the family of the groom. The tradition of the bridal dowry is long rooted in Chinese wedding customs. The value of an Asian is determined by the status in society.

But in modern days, dowry has a more practical purpose โ€” helping the newlywed couple set up in their new place. Exchanging gifts is a very important marriage tradition in China as it shows how close family connections are and how strong the family bond in Chinese culture is.

Chinese wedding tradition

chinese asian wedding

The organization of Chinese wedding ceremonies depends on personal preference and the religion of the couple. Some of them may choose to have a Western-style celebration with the bride wearing a white dress and walking down the aisle. But traditional peculiarities of the Big day include:

  1. Invitations โ€” They are, as a rule, red similar to the traditional Hongbao. The โ€˜double happinessโ€™ ๅ› (Shuangxi) symbol is placed on the invitation envelope as a symbol of eternal love.
  2. Colors โ€” red, gold, white are traditionally used for decorations, outfits, and general themes, as it is believed that they bring happiness and all good. And dark colors are usually avoided as they have a bad meaning.
  3. Vows โ€” They happen beforehand, and that is why you wonโ€™t do them at the actual ceremony. It is usually the celebration through many courses of delicious food.
  4. The dress โ€” Usually, Chinese beauties wear a traditional Chinese โ€˜qipaoโ€™ dress on the big day. It is a part of the Chinese wedding tradition. But they may also wear several outfits throughout the ceremony and banquet.
  5. The Chinese tea ceremony โ€” It is an essential tradition of weddings in China. It represents the gratitude and deep love of the couple for their moms and dads, and everything that they do for them.
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The bottom line

Learning more about your stunning Chinese brideโ€™s traditions and customs will help you have mutual understanding and create a happy union. Thatโ€™s why donโ€™t be afraid to try dating online or romance tours to China as it may be your chance to meet your future wife and soulmate! Maybe one day, you will experience all of the traditions we talked about on your wedding day.

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