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How To Date A Chinese Girl

16 February 2021
How To Date A Chinese Girl As A Foreigner

What To Expect When Dating A Chinese Girl - How & To Avoid Mistakes?

You should not look for a Chinese girlfriend if you don’t know anything about China. But what if you have been dreaming about a cute, kind, and hot Chinese lady for years? There is always a solution. Check out our guide to dating Chinese women. Generally speaking, it contains all the information you need to make a good impression on a lady even if you are a stranger to Chinese history and culture.

8 tips to attract a Chinese woman and avoid mistakes

tips to attract a Chinese woman

So, how easy is it to date Chinese girl as a foreigner? It depends. Still, there is nothing impossible, especially considering that we have already distinguished the most useful tips to use when dating a woman from China.

Texting is dating

You will spend a lot of time texting. It will hardly surprise you, especially if you are looking for a girlfriend on dating sites or mail order bride sites, but there is one important thing you need to remember.

Texting is not just texting. Texting is dating.

So, if you are texting for 2 weeks or even months, you are not just talking with a girl regularly — you are actually dating her.

Remember all she says — you will need this information later

Texting is the exchange of information, and remembering all the information about her is a very good idea. You have a unique chance to find out what she likes and use this later. If you are serious about her, you will be able to impress her easily, without making an extra effort.

Don’t talk about your exes

If you want to find a Chinese wife, you should not talk about exes with a Chinese girl you have just met on the web or in real life. If you do, she will not give you a chance.

Dress well

Men’s looks matter in China. Don’t expect her to ignore your old clothes, bad haircut, bad beard, etc. Always dress well to impress her.

Start with hand-holding — this is the first base in China

Yes, that is right. It is really the first base, and if you just met and if you want to get closer but don’t want to scare her off, hold her hand, just test it out. Then, you will be able to move on to hugs and maybe even kisses, but things don’t happen so fast in China.

Don’t talk about sex

 date Chinese girl

It is taboo, it is crossing the line, so don’t talk about sex with your girlfriend. You should not do it even if you have already had it — this is considered very rude and unacceptable.

You date her whole family

There is something even more important than making an impression on a girl in China. It is making a good impression on her parents. Just imagine: you are serious about each other, you passed all the tests and now need to pass the most important one. Your main goal, in this case, is to show that you are:

  1. respectful;
  2. hard-working;
  3. polite;
  4. able to provide for a bride and your future family.

By the way, you should have a “real” profession. It will be nearly impossible to explain why being a YouTuber/artist/musician/TikToker is good.

She will want to tell the world about your love

If you hate sharing information, photos, and videos about your life, and especially about your relationship with others, you probably should not date a Chinese woman. Once she understands that you love her and that she is into you, she will start to share your pics on social media. Just consider that this is an absolutely normal thing not only for Chinese people but also for many other Asians, so why not view this as a part of the culture?

The bottom line

There is one question every man should ask himself before paying for a premium subscription on one of the Asian dating websites or buying one of Chinese romance tours. “Do I really know how to impress a Chinese lady? Do I know what to expect when dating a Chinese girl?” The tips above may be really useful, so try to remember them all and just follow your dream.