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Main Page Blog Korean Girl Dating – Major Tips For Everyone Who Wants Date A Woman From Korea

Korean Girl Dating – Major Tips For Everyone Who Wants Date A Woman From Korea

9 June 2022
Korean Girl Dating – Major Tips For Everyone Who Wants Date A Woman From Korea

Beautiful Korean mail order brides are some of the most popular girls among Western men for a variety of reasons that include their stunning appearance, modest personality, as well as a brilliant mind. As a matter of fact, many Korean women are seeking Western men from such countries as the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and many more. So, if the question “Do Korean women like American men?” keeps you up all night, you can sleep soundly because they do. At the same time, due to the cultural differences and misconceptions, you might have some misunderstandings with such a woman. So what to expect when dating a Korean girl and how to make this relationship actually work is what we are going to talk about today.

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Last Updated: Jun 2022

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Keep in touch with your Korean girlfriend

Korean women like to always keep in touch with their loved ones. In fact, texting is actually an essential part of a relationship for these girls. So if you do not reply to your Korean girlfriend’s messages for hours or even days, she is going to be mad at you. The same applies to ghosting. If you feel like the relationship isn’t working out or you don’t have time for a relationship at the moment, just explain everything to her as it is. We understand that some of you might be busy at work and texting all day is not an option for you. But you surely can find some time to send your girlfriend a happy message during your lunch break.

Beware of number four

Most Koreans are afraid of number four and, even though it might seem funny, it’s not a joke at all. The thing is, in the Korean language, the character of four is very similar to the character that means “death”, and this is why many Koreans avoid the number four at all costs. So obviously, it’s not going to be a good idea to give your girlfriend four flowers or stay in a hotel room on the fourth floor. Therefore, try to avoid this number because some Korean girls can be pretty superstitious.

Korean girls celebrate Valentine’s Day twice a year

dating Korean women

Koreans have two holidays for celebrating love. Obviously, the first one is Valentine’s Day. On this day, only women give presents to their significant others. The second holiday is White Day. It is celebrated the month after Valentine’s Day and this is the time for men to give their beloved women presents. So keep that in mind and don’t forget to get your girlfriend a box of chocolates and flowers on White Day.

Share food with Korean girlfriend

Okay, this one might sound ridiculous, but for Korean girls, it’s very important when their significant other shares his food with them. In fact, these girls don’t see anything odd in trying each other’s meals in a restaurant, so don’t be Joey and share your food.

No public display of affection

PDA is something off-limits for these women. Reserved by nature, most Korean girls don’t like expressing their feelings while they are in public. Therefore, touching hands, hugging, and kissing is something you want to do when you are alone with your girlfriend.

Show Korean women that you are ready for commitment

Korean women dating foreign men is a common practice. But in some cases, these international couples don’t last long if a woman doesn’t feel like her boyfriend is ready for commitment. You see, most Asian girls for sell (and Korean ladies are not an exception) do not like wasting their time on relationships that have no future. So you have to show your beloved that you are ready for a serious relationship and eventually marriage by actions, not words. For example, you can meet her parents or introduce her to your family, discuss your future together, celebrate holidays with her, and, when the time comes, pop the question. So if you are thinking about connecting your life with a Korean woman, show her your serious intentions.

Make sure her parents like you

Korean girls respect their parents’ opinion and, obviously, when it comes to such a serious question as marriage, they ask their parents for a piece of advice. As a matter of fact, some Korean women break up relationships with the guys their family doesn’t approve of. Therefore, if you really need this woman in your life, you’re gonna work hard to make her parents like you.

📌 There are information about attitudes of Asian brides to American men!

Final thoughts about dating Korean girls

As you can see, Korean girls are a lot of fun, and dating one is going to be exciting. Despite all the cultural differences, these girls still know how to make any American man happy. But, obviously, in order to find such a girlfriend, you will have to use the services of one of the best Asian dating sites. As a matter of fact, Korean women dating sites such as Asian Melodies, EasternHoneys, and Lover Whirl provide a huge selection of beautiful girls, so you will definitely find the girl of your dreams there. Therefore, do not waste your precious time any longer, sign up for free today, and meet your soulmate!


What’s considered beautiful in Korea?

Koreans believe that a woman is truly beautiful if she has fair skin, a V-shaped face and little chin, double eyelid, and a small nose. As for the body type, Koreans like tall and slender girls.

Why are Korean women so obsessed with beauty?

Such an attitude to beauty is deeply rooted in the Korean national character. These women do believe that beauty is crucial for a successful life and this is exactly why they strive to look flawless.

Who is the prettiest girl in South Korea?

Among the most beautiful Korean women are Han GA-IN, Kim Tae Hee, Nana, and many other popular actresses, singers, and models. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of hotties in Korea.

Can foreigners get married in South Korea?

Yes, foreigners can marry Korean women. However, you will have to do some paperwork to marry a woman from South Korea. Luckily, completing those documents is not a big deal.

What is the average age to get married in Korea?

According to the 2022 surveys, the average marriage age for men in South Korea is 33 years old, while the average marriage age for Korean women is 30. As you can see, it’s not that different from the average marriage age of most Western countries.

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