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RomanceTale – Prettiest Asian Women Profiles
RomanceTale – Prettiest Asian Women Profiles
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RomanceTale – Prettiest Asian Women Profiles

12 July 2019
RomanceTale Girls

Have you ever dreamt of dating a girl with flawless porcelain skin, cute narrow eyes, baby-face and long jet-black straight hair? Have you ever thought of spending the rest of your life with a caring, loving and respectful wife?

Then, for sure, you need to start searching for your soulmate among hot Asian brides — these ladies are legendary for their personality qualities and beauty. Here are the best profiles of Asian girls from RomanceTale, one of the most known sites for dating Asian ladies.

Qiqi Cheng, 27

Qiqi Cheng


One of the prettiest Asian girls on RomanceTale is Qiqi. She is 27 and comes from Zhengzhou, China. With the height of 5'6.1' (1.71m) and seducing curves, Qiqi is almost like a top-model — her amazing photos won’t lie. This Chinese girl for dating has beautiful brown hair, wide eyes and plump lips — a true beauty!

Qiqi is looking for a husband but doesn’t chase after money. What she searches for is pure love and wisdom.

Alice, 20



Alice is just like a princess. She is of middle height and slim. But most importantly, she has a mesmerizing look. Alice comes from the Chinese city of Xiangfan and is looking for love like you. By the way, she doesn’t mind age differences.

Do you want to date an Asian girl who is just like Alice? Search more on RomanceTale!

Fumi Oyama, 43

Fumi Oyama


If business-ladies is your type of women, then you need to pay attention to Fumi Oyama from Takaoka, Japan. She is a successful lawyer who is longing for a «holy lover» as she says. Fumi Oyama is extremely beautiful at her 43 — she has dark hair, curves, playful eyes and a shiny smile.

Pei, 30



This Chinese woman is a genuine embodiment of Asian beauty. You will never notice how Asian women age — and this is about Pei as well. She looks young, energetic and extremely cute. Her dyed red hair, stunning smile and beautiful dark eyes are what attracts many Western men in Asian women.

However, it isn’t only her outer beauty which matters. Pei also seems to be a human with a pure soul. «Our love will not be changed by years», said she to all her potential knights.

Wenjing, 31



Are you into confident Asian girls for dating? Check out Wenjing from Kunming, China. This lady is thin, has a long cute face and straight shiny black hair. She is looking for a man who would treat her like a queen. In response, she will treat a man she finds on RomanceTale as a king.

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