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What Country Should Your Asian Bride Come From?
What Country Should Your Asian Bride Come From?
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What Country Should Your Asian Bride Come From?

9 July 2019
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Men often go to Asia in search of a wife, believing that anywhere they will find a woman who:

  • will be caring
  • will be humble
  • will take care of the house chores
  • will be «exotic»
  • will know the «Asian» secrets of seduction
  • will know how to cook
  • will have a splendid character
  • will be cute and sweet

This, however, is just a set of generalized stereotypes of Asian women. Of course, there are many Asian mail-order brides who are just like this, but in each country, in each culture brides are different. Thus, here’s the question: what country should your Asian mail-order bride come from? Scroll down to find out the answer!

What are Asian brides like in the Philippines?

Filipina bride

Filipina girls are extremely beautiful. They have this Asian charm – cute small eyes, nice face, and caramel or porcelain skin. Women from the Philippines age well – in fact, you will never guess how old a Philippine girl is, they always look young.

It is an amazing idea to marry a Philippine mail-order bride because:

  1. She loves her family to pieces (it means she makes a perfect wife and if you want to court a Filipina girl, court her mother)
  2. She doesn’t care about the ethnicity of the lover (especially when he is also Catholic – many Philippine people are religious)
  3. She cooks well and will always keep you full
  4. She’s traditional

Interested? Then you should date a Filipino mail-order bride!

What can attract you in Thai women?

Thai bride

Thai girls are among the best Asian brides. It’s not because of their mesmerizing beauty (Thai women are super-sexy, slim, petite and dark-haired), but also because of their personality.

Thai women are very modest and humble. They are also gracious, polite and they cherish family a lot. Marrying a bride from Thailand means forgetting about upset and dull days. Thai brides are very positive, and they have radiant nature. They will turn your life into a true paradise.

Learn more about Thai Mail Order Brides in our full guide.

Chinese brides – the dream of all men

Chinese bride

Dating Chinese brides is a bandwagon nowadays. Chinese women are cute, attractive and humble – an amazing combination for family life.

In Chinese culture, the less you talk, the more intelligent you are. Therefore, you will never see your Chinese bride chatting with friends day and night but only when it’s necessary. She will give you wise advice and make you eat fantastic Chinese food.

It might be tough at first to adjust to the Chinese mentality of a girl but it is absolutely worth it!

Read full review with more interesting facts about Chinese Mail Order Brides.

Why should you date Japanese girls?

Japanese bride

Brides in Japan are among the most wanted single women on earth. The beauty of Japanese women, as well as their ability to satisfy men is legendary. That’s why many Western men come to Japan in order to find a compatible woman.

Japanese brides have cute faces, they are slim and super-intelligent. You will always find something interesting to discuss with a Japanese woman. At the same time, it will never feel awkward for you to date an ambitious woman – Japanese women are also very humble and polite.

More interesting facts about dating and marry Japanese brides.

All you need to know about South and North Korean brides

Korean bride

Despite the fact that South and North Korea are different in terms of state and economy systems, in terms of culture and history they are much more similar than it seems – as well as Korean women.

Korean brides are smart, just like Japanese. They are also extremely beautiful and sweet. Korean women do not rush to jump into a relationship – they will spend quite a long time to observe the man they like. Korean mail-order brides search for men who can offer them stability. And they are very much attracted to foreigners!

Where to find and how to date Korean mail order brides read in full guide.

What about Vietnamese brides?

Vietnamese bride

Vietnamese women, apart from being attractive and versatile, are very positive. Their laughter is infectious, their attitude is optimistic and life with a Vietnamese bride will be cheerful. She knows how to cook well, she’s open-minded and easy.

Find out more information about Vietnamese mail order brides.

Do you know now who you would like to date among Asian brides? Well, you should!

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Luo Jing
Luo Jing

Luo Jing has gone through many dates and breakups before he figured out his own idea of what a stable relationship needs.

The articles he writes are a real help in building up the harmony in a relationship.

Luo Jing has gone through many dates and breakups before he figured out his own idea of what a stable relationship needs.

The articles he writes are a real help in building up the harmony in a relationship.


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