AsianLadyOnline review
Number of women: over 7864
  • 10 years of experience;
  • Fast and free of charge registration;
  • No annoying advertising;
  • A lot of useful information available in the articles.
  • It may take some time for the ladies to send the replies.
Last Updated: Jan 2022
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Is AsianLadyOnline the Best Asian Dating Venue?

AsianLadyOnline Review

Dating online is a trend. It is not surprising, because it saves a lot of time and effort, but gives wonderful opportunities to meet someone you couldn't meet before. Hence the distance doesn't matter, and you can get to know a girl who lives in the most remote part of the world and even marry her in some time!

Like the kings chose their wives from other kingdoms in the old days by simply looking at their portraits, modern men look through the female profiles on the dating sites.

Apart from finding the right person by not only the appearance but personality traits too, you have to feel comfortable on the site you are using. If it is not fine for you, then you are likely to leave it without reaching your goal.

There is a list of things you should pay attention to while choosing your dating platform, and in this review, we will give you a hint on how to chose it right.

There is a wide variety of both general and specialized dating venues. Some of them gather every type of women; some are for those men who look for a particular kind of bride.

If you are an admirer of Oriental beauty, you must know that Asian mail order brides are number one among the most desirable wives in the world. That's why a lot of Asian dating sites have been created, and now everyone can have a big choice.

AsianLadyOnline is thought to be in the top best dating platforms. What makes it so perfect? You will find out in this review.

About AsianLadyOnline

AsianLadyOnline is a website for Western men and Asian women to establish international relationships. It has been on the market for 10 years, and still goes on, which shows that it has its admirers. AsianLadyOnline provides good service. Otherwise, there wouldn't be people who come there again and again in order to find their love.

The site has quite good ratings as you can check out on the Internet. It has passed a few tests and turned out to be a quality venue and a great way to find your potential spouse. There are a lot of success stories of happy customers, who were totally happy with the results that they got.

As AsianLadyOnline now is the part of AsiaMe, you can get redirected to that general site during the registration. Don't be surprised, it happens sometimes, but you will still get the access to a huge database and have the chance to speak to hundreds of Asian beauties.


AsianLadyOnline Pricing

This dating venue uses the common system of credits. Hence, you buy a pack of credits in accordance with your activity. Some may need more, some — less, but you can always add the money and buy some more in case you run out of the credits.

  • $0
    Free Trial
  • $21.00
    3 credit pack
  • $52.00
    8 credit pack
  • $96.00
    16 credit pack
  • $179.00
    32 credit pack
  • $299.00
    60 credit pack
  • $399.00
    100 credit pack

As you can judge by this list, AsianLadyONline is not the cheapest option, but at least you can really see what you pay for. The pricing is reasonable, and the customers are satisfied with the service.

Therefore, AsianLadyOnline can become a starting platform for your cross-cultural marriage is you dare to give it a chance. Register now and find your destiny!

AsianLadyOnline Registration

The registration process takes minutes. All you need to mention while creating your personal account on AsianLadyOnline are your gender, first and last name, email you link the profile to and a password. That's it, after this procedure you have a page and you can start browsing through ladies' profiles right away.

AsianLadyOnline Registration

You will also have to fill in a welcome questionnaire. That will help you the site administration and the matching algorithm sort out those women who you might like. The principal works on the matching system, so if you and a lady give similar answers to the same question, she will be on your list of potential matches.

Ease of use

The website is very customer-friendly, and it is no trouble for the newcomer to figure out how to use it. The design of the interface is very simple and doesn't irritate. The light colors make it pleasant to your eyes and so it doesn't cause any discomfort.

There are no annoying advertisements everywhere, which makes the site better than other ones of the same kind.

You can navigate around AsianLadyOnline intuitively; it is very easy to guess how to use any of its functions, so even those who visit dating sites for the first time won't be confused.

AsianLadyOnline: The profiles and their quality

AsianLadyOnline has a very big database, and the amount of female profiles impresses. A lot of Asian women register there with a firm belief that they can find a husband online, so if you share a dream of finding a life partner on the dating site, you have very high chances to find your perfect match.

AsianLadyOnline Profile

AsianLadyOnline usually shows who of the ladies are online, and this number can be even more than 70 000! Imagine how many conversations you can have at a time.

You may also wonder why some of the female photos look so professional. Are they actually real people? Yes, they are. The thing is that it's only you who sits in front of your computer and texts women. As for the ladies, in their case, it is a little bit more difficult. Women have to go to the special agencies where they get full assistance on creating a profile, getting the translation and so on. There they are offered to get a professional photo session, so their pictures for the dating site would look great.

It is just a way to feel more confident and attractive, so don't be surprised if you see really professional pictures — anyway, you can always check if a girl is real by giving her a video call.

Remember that the less information you post on your profile, the less attractive you will be to the mail order brides.

AsianLadyOnline Safety

AsianLadyOnline has an advanced anti-fraud system, and you can read more about it on the website. In short, it takes care of all the potential dangers a customer can suffer from. You can also be active and participate in a fight against the fraudsters: if you see some suspicious activity on any profile, you can report it to the site team, and they will deal will it officially.

Apart from the actual anti-scam activity, AsianLadyOnline gives their customers an opportunity to prepare themselves theoretically. The site holds a bunch of articles on how to recognize a scammer, tips on what to do if you face one, advice on the behavior and so on.

The site also has an FAQ section, so before getting straight to the support, read that — maybe your question has already been answered.

AsianLady Online

AsianLadyOnline Services

Like other dating sites, AsianLadyOnline supports any means of long-distance communication. You can use mailing, live chats, instant messages, call service, video calls and send virtual and real gifts to the ladies that you like.

If you have Premium membership, you are free to watch the videos women upload on the site, and you can also ask for the direct personal meetings with the Asian beauties.

Contacting members

Contacting members on AsianLadyOnline is super easy. Moreover, a free trial is perfect for those who want to give it a try. You can use this chance to search for best matches, as their profiles, add them to favorites, and send a few cute messages. The single ladies are likely to text you back. After you know some of them better, you can invite them to video chat or send nice virtual and even real gifts. In general, there a lot of communication tools available, and you can use any of them to meet your dream girl.

The bottom line

So, why join AsianLadyOnline? This is one of the top dating platforms on the web, and it’s just perfect for men who are looking for hot Asian ladies. This is one of the oldest agencies, and it really stands out. It provides the members not only with top communication services but also publishes the articles that can help men find the right girl and learn more about the national mentality of a particular country.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐️What is an AsianLadyOnline website? is a dating website designed for foreign men and Asian women to forge serious relationships that could lead to marriage. AsianLadyOnline started providing the dating services 10 years ago, and since then, it has proved itself as a trustworthy platform for international dating.

⭐️How to find an Asian woman on AsianLadyOnline?

You first need to register an account on before you can find an Asian woman on the platform. Once your account is created and your profile is set, you can start searching for beautiful Asian girls with the help of the search filters.


⭐️Is AsianLadyOnline free, or is there a catch? is not a completely free website. While you can create an account and search for women for free, you have to buy credits to use the exciting features on the site like communicating with girls.




⭐️What is the difference between a free and paid membership?

You have limited access with a free account. You can use the basic search, view profiles, and like photos for free. With a paid membership you can communicate with the girls and access all the premium features.

⭐️Why can't I send messages on AsianLadyOnline?

You can’t send messages because you don’t have enough credits. Once you buy some AsianLadyOnline credits, you will be able to communicate with the girls.

⭐️How can I add a photo to my profile?

Make sure the photo that you want to add is nice and attractive. A picture of you smiling would be a great shot. Next is to ensure that you have the photo saved up on your computer. Once gives you the option to upload a picture to your profile, click on it. Then select the photo you want to upload from where you saved it on your computer. Once you click on the photo, it will automatically upload to the site.

⭐️Does my photo automatically show on my AsianLadyOnline profile?

Only the pictures that you uploaded appear on your Asian lady online profile.

⭐️What is a match?

A match is a member who has some or all the qualities that you seek in the ideal woman you're searching for.

⭐️How do I select my matches? matches you based on the information you provided. You will submit the list of qualities you are looking for in a woman. And the site uses this data to show you girls who fit into your needs.

⭐️How do I contact an Asian girl?

There are different ways to contact girls on You can send emails, instant messages, live chats, and video calls. You can also send her both virtual and real gifts.

⭐️Will any of my details be safe on AsianLadyOnline?

Yes. Information you enter on the website is not shared with a third party. However, you also have to be careful not to disclose more personal information than necessary to ladies while chatting on the site. For instance, if you share your debit card information with someone on the site, they can do away with your money, and AsianLadyOnline will not be held responsible.

⭐️I received a message from an Asian woman. How do I reply?

When you receive a message from an Asian woman, you have to reply to her nicely and quickly too. The longer you wait to respond, the easier for her to forget about the fun of meeting you. Tell her something sweet and keep a positive impression.

⭐️How to stay safe on AsianLadyOnline?

The first rule is "NEVER send money to anyone you meet online." Block and report any member who tries to ask you for money on AsianLadyOnline. Do not share your financial information with the ladies. Do not give away personal information that can be used to harm you.  The site owners will not be responsible for any harm that come to you as a result of your carelessness.

⭐️How to register on AsianLadyOnline?

Visit to register an account. Answer the short questions and enter your name, email, gender, and password.

⭐️I've lost my login information. How do I recover it?

You can request for a new password via the login. But you have to contact admin with a new email address if you lost your old email address.

⭐️How to change my password?

Login to your AsianLadyOnline account and navigate to your account settings to change your password.

⭐️How do I log out AsianLadyOnline?

Use the sign out button to log out of your account.


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