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A Secret Of Happy Marriage With Thai Mail Order Brides

Why would a western man dream of marrying a Thai bride? This is the question we asked ourselves before we started our research. It was crucially important for us to understand the motivation of single western guys who marry Thai mail order brides, as well as the motivation of Thailand wives who move abroad to get married.

We found interethnic couples who were ready to share their experience, read tons and articles and research, and analyzed statistics about what the real situation is and what to expect in the near future. Keep reading to learn what is special about these girls and why do guys fall in love with Thai women.

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How and where do men & Thai brides meet each other?


According to recent research and studies, both women and men in Thailand are in a difficult situation. Marriage is not as important as it was a few decades ago, even despite that the country is a conservative one. Nevertheless, positive aspects of marriage still seem to outweigh the negative ones, and women still remain under social pressure (Reference #1, Guest, Varangrat, Williams, 2006).

Moreover, modern Thai girls are educated and open-minded enough to search for partners abroad. That leads us to the place where men and beautiful Thai girls usually meet each other – the dating sites.

Currently, the pool of “elite Thai women” is growing. There are not as many suitable partners in the country as the society needs at the moment, and Thai brides prefer not to marry at all instead of marrying someone who does not meet their criteria. (Reference #1, Guest, Varangrat, Williams, 2006).

That is why a lot of them join dating sites – even the possibility to use search and plenty of various filters allow modern and well educated Thai women to find suitable matches in other countries as well. Of course, it generates a large response from western men who would be happy to live with a Thai mail order wife. So what is so special about them?

thailand mail order wife

Why are Thai mail order brides this popular?

Let us take a look at the list of their qualities and some facts that make Thai mail-order brides truly special women.

Always looking gorgeous

You may argue that looks are not this important, especially when you are searching for a wife, not just a girlfriend. However, we often make the same mistake - we distinguish the way someone looks from the personality, and this is the wrong strategy.

We do not usually view someone as the set of separate qualities. It even sounds weird. We view someone as the individual, the one, the single unit, and that is why it is called a “general” impression. We do not evaluate someone’s personal qualities, voice, look, education and other things separately. At the very beginning, we focus on a few main things, and look is one of them. Let us be honest, love is not about rational analysis – it is about the feelings, emotions, and impressions, and yes, attractiveness is one of the things that make you like a person. More importantly, physical attractiveness is good for relationships and marriage. Simply put, Thailand mail order brides are hot, and men like this, and this is good for both parties. Nevertheless, it is not the only thing people need to be happy together, so let us talk about other qualities, too.

thailand ladies for marriage

Confidence is the new sexy

Thai brides are confident, friendly and open-minded. If you like silent, super shy, very obedient women who think that they are not good enough to act the way they like to act, Thailand may not be a good place to find a wife. Thai ladies are not afraid to express their feelings and thoughts and they love themselves the way they are.

Femininity & shyness

Let us be honest – millions of men worldwide fall in love with Thai girls because they have a special charm that makes them irresistible. However, there is nothing about magic – it is about the femininity that was preserved in a more conservative society. Yes, recent researches show that these girls are stronger and more independent than Thai women a few decades ago, but they still remain incredibly delicate and fragile. We believe this is possible because they found the balance between things that seem the opposite.

Seeking to build an equal relationship

As we noted before, there is something that brings men from western countries and Thai girls a bit closer. These ladies have a few things that guys need and vice versa. So, modern women in Thailand are looking for an equal relationship. That means that a Thai girl for marriage is looking for a guy who will treat her with respect and let her spend time on her own hobbies and interests. Sounds not too complicated, right?

Closer to the Western culture than you think

Cultural gap is considered to be the most frequent reason for divorce for interethnic couples, but this is the myth. Most couples that participated in surveys note that they did not have conflicts because of their differences. Still, they admit that such differences can make things more complicated sometimes. Thailand is the popular tourist destination, and though this is a conservative country, it is westernized, so it would be easier for a western man to build a relationship with a Thai girl.

Dreaming of having a baby

Note that Thai women’s desired number of children is 1.93 per women but they actually have 1.67 children on average – an unmet need of 0.26, and the level of unmet fertility among women is highest in the Southern and the Northeastern regions and lowest in Bangkok (Reference #3, UNPFA, 2015).

This shows what the situation in the country is. The thing is though women of the younger generation do not want to have many children unless before they graduate from the university, build a career, buy a house, etc., the desire to have kids is still very strong. So, if you are dreaming not only about a hot wife but also a great mother to your future children, Thai provinces can be the perfect place to meet a spouse.

thailand brides mail order

Picking Thai mail order brides’ interest – Best tips

Finding a Thai bride is only half of the battle. Though Thailand women are more westernized than most other Asian mail order brides, there are some things you better keep in mind when dating one of them. So, let us take a look at the tips foreign guys should use to melt these beautiful girls’ hearts.

  • Being polite and respectful is the key to success. This recommendation can be applied to any kind of relationship. Do not repeat the mistakes made by guys who have tried to marry one of the Thai girls and failed for one reason. They thought that mail order brides do not care if a man treats a woman with respect or not.
  • Get to know her family. The institution of the family is still very strong in Thailand, and all Thai girls care about the opinion of the parents. Do your best to make a good impression on them.
  • Care about your own look. Some people think that looks are not really important when it comes to men. Well, Thai brides do not share this opinion. That is why we recommend you to wear your best jeans and the most stylish shirt instead of your favorite t-shirt and shorts that you bought 8 years ago – we bet you will be grateful for this advice.
  • Give her some time. Yes, if you met your future wife on one of the best mail order bride sites, she is ready to get married. But do not put pressure on her – she wants to spend some time with you, she wants romance, flowers and all those romantic things before you get married and start building a family.

Thai mail-order brides: final thoughts

Thai society created a unique phenomenon, a phenomenon called “Thai mail order brides.” A Thai girl is an embodiment of the rich ancient traditions and modernity, and she seems to take the best from both. There is also no denying that though Thailand remains a quite conservative country, it is developing rapidly, and locals, even in rural areas are using technologies, in particular, the World Wide Web for various purposes.


1 - Early 40s and Still Unmarried: A Continuing Trend in Thailand

2 - 4 in 10 Thais have used internet dating

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4 - World Fertility Report 2013 Fertility at the Extremes

How do I get a mail order bride from Thailand?

Thai ladies are very active in communication and enjoy talking to foreigners online. They are quite westernized already, so you won't have much trouble finding common language. They like being noticed, so don' hesitate to write the first message. Starting off with a compliment is a great idea to get a Thai woman.

Why do Thai brides want to marry foreign men?

Thai brides seek for something they can't find in local men. They know Western guys can be very caring, interesting, well-educated and supportive, so they wish to marry a man like that. Unfortunately, Thailand can't offer enough gentlemen, so there is no wonder women become mail order brides.

What is the average age for marriage in Thailand?

Thai women become wives pretty early compared to the Western ladies. Usually, it is about 20 years old that they marry. If you dream about a young wife, and you want her to be Asian, Thai mail order brides seem to be a good option for that!

How much do Thai brides cost?

There is no doubt that paid sources are usually the best as they guarantee more safety and real users. The pricing systems are almost equal on most dating platforms. Approaching a Thai bride may cost you $3000 a year (up to the wedding organization). It is a very reasonable price because you can use a lot of services there and meet a perfect woman.

What to expect from your Thai mail order bride?

If you are looking forward to dating a Thai mail order bride, be sure she will treat you like a king. Thai girls are very family-oriented and do it all to guarantee the best for their husbands. Want lots of love and a sweet home? Marry a Thai mail order bride.