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Mail Order Bride Scam—How To Be Safe Online?

Indeed, online dating scammers can be very active and annoying. The online dating industry is very appealing to people who use fraud and scams to earn money. However, following our instructions, you can easily avoid mail order brides site scams and enjoy your time with mail order brides from other countries. It is not that difficult to find out whether you are using mail order bride platforms that are fake or fraudulent, and we know everything about it!

How to avoid getting scammed online?

Most of the time, scammers focus on people who don’t know how online dating works. They can manipulate newcomers and create false expectations. So, all you need to do is learn some basics about online dating and mail order brides, and you won’t be able to get on a dating scammer list!

First, it is essential to note that if you are using a mail order bride website, you are looking for a woman with serious intentions to find true love. You are not looking for a sugar baby or a short-term relationship. Therefore, if you see that your date asks you for money, you shouldn’t believe her. Avoid communicating with that person and report them to the support department of the site you are using.

The best way to avoid getting scammed is to use a reliable and trustworthy online platform. And to do so, you need to research your site and be sure that it is well-known, reputable, and popular. The more you discover about your site, the better and safer your online dating experience is going to be.

Don’t use sites that ask you to pay upon registration. It is reasonable to pay on dating platforms, but you should never do that if you haven’t seen what a site can offer you. A site that waits for your confirmation that you can be a paying customer is probably a fake dating site.

How to choose trusted mail order brides websites?

To choose trusted mail order brides websites, you need to find as much as possible about platforms that you want to use. Look for dating site reviews, articles, and posts. Try to find some personal feedback on sites like SiteJabber or TrustPilot. You cannot know whether a site is real or fake without using it, and since most of the time, using a site means spending some money, it can get rather challenging to avoid getting scammed. So, you need to rely on other people’s experiences. There are many fake and fraudulent mail order brides sites, but you should look for platforms that are informative, have transparent pricing policies and up-to-date customer support.

Common examples of dating sites scams

  • J4L. This is a really bad site. Although it has a flashy design and profiles of seemingly beautiful women, it is fake. You won’t find any girl who would want to have a real-life date or even a video call with you. Just a platform to get your money as quickly as possible and leave you. Try to avoid it at all costs!
  • EuroDate. While this site has some real women and mail order brides, the majority of members here are fake as well. Girls here will try to send you messages and ask you to reply to them as much as possible, and since communication here is fee-based, you will have to pay for every minute you spend with a bride. Often, girls would write gibberish as if they are chatbots, while sometimes they respond like real people. You should avoid this really shady platform if you don’t want to lose your money.
  • Elena’s Models. While girls here can be real, they are “trained” to get the last dollar from you. They would try to make you stay as long as possible, giving you vague information and answers. We would highly advise you from using this site as you will have a really ineffective online dating experience.
  • Dream Singles. This site can steal all your money from your credit card. You will try to buy credits or premium membership here, and instead of paying $10, they would charge you $100. And they do it so openly and blatantly that anyone could see it. But the fact that they are still operating shows how naive and neglecting newcomers can be.

Final word

If you have serious intentions and want to find yourself a girlfriend or a future wife, you should choose a proven dating platform with a good reputation. However, even if the selected site is safe, it cannot guarantee complete protection from mail order bride scam. Therefore, when communicating with site users, always be careful and try to recognize red flags.