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Orchid Romance
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Meet Your Korean Mail Order Wife Or Girlfriend With Our In-Depth Guide

The news of Western men marrying Korean mail order brides is no longer surprising. These days, you can find, date, and get married to a woman living thousands of miles away from you, and the best thing about it is that you can do your search and initial communication without even leaving your home.

Best Dating Sites To Find Korean Women

Last Updated: Jan 2022



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Here, at, we specialize in all aspects of international online dating. Whether you want to find a partner for online flirting, offline casual dating, or even marriage, you can do it all with our carefully hand-picked rating of dating services. Here is everything you have ever wanted to learn about Korean mail order wives and girlfriends.

5 reasons why Korean brides are so irresistible to men

Meeting Korean mail order wives is now easier than ever and you can communicate with thousands of fabulous Korean women with the help of the trusted dating services from our selection. However, if you have never met Korean brides in person and know little to nothing about them, you are probably wondering: what’s so great about these girls and why should I consider them for dating and marriage? These are the 5 biggest reasons to find a Korean wife or girlfriend.

Korean mail order wives

Korean girls have lovely looks

Korean beauty is known all over the world and is now viewed as a beauty standard on its own that thousands of women outside of Korea try to emulate. Porcelain skin, rosy cheeks, plump lips, expressive eyes, and beautiful sleek hair are just some of the traits you can look forward to. Gorgeous Korean girls for marriage are blessed with wonderful genetics and are able to maintain their youthful appearance for decades after you first met. What’s even more important is that they are the true pros of self-care, which is probably why most Korean brides look much younger than they are.

Korean wives always put family first

Like most other ethnicities, Koreans love and value their families. However, Korean mail order brides take this love one step further and can actually sacrifice a lot for the sake of their loved ones. When a Korean woman faces a choice between family and career, she won’t need to think twice to decide what matters to her the most. And it’s not just their spouses and kids — respect for the elders is an essential aspect of Korean society and your Korean bride will cherish and respect your side of the family as much as hers.

You will be the most important person to your Korean girlfriend

When a Korean bride finds a man she finds special and feels she can love forever, she will do her best to make sure he never goes away.

Korean women understand the value of a good man and have lots of secrets to keep him by their side forever. Unconditional support, full trust, and constant care are just some of the things you can look forward to if you are happily married to your anae, which means wife in Korean.

They are fine with male leadership in the family

Despite all of its economic and social progress, South Korea has a fairly patriarchal way of living. The men here are traditionally responsible for providing for the family and making the most crucial decisions, while women offer their support and advice on top of doing most of the work around the house. What’s even more important is that single Korean women are not only completely fine with this arrangement — they encourage it and actively seek husbands who have what it takes to become the leader in the family.

Korean mail order wives are 100% faithful

Adultery is one of the most damnable offenses in Korea. While there is no law regulating the punishment for male or female adulterers, Koreans are very strict about it. Korean girls are raised with the idea that adultery is one of the worst things you can do to the person you married and they agree with this idea so much that a hot Korean wife will never even look at another guy with a romantic interest, let alone act on her thoughts.

Why are South Korean brides so popular among American men?

South Korean mail order brides

Whether you are looking for South or North Korean brides, you can be sure that girls from this country are very popular among Americans. In this section, we would like to demonstrate 3 main qualities that make these ladies so popular in the United States!

  • South Korean brides are very attractive. It is not a secret that many guys who use mail order bride services want to find a wife who is hot and sexy. Well, foreign brides in Korea will match this description perfectly. Ladies from Korea know how to look beautiful, so you will find plenty of gorgeous girls for marriage online!
  • Korean women for marriage have serious intentions. Beauties who use mail order bride services want to build a family with a man. These women want to become wives, and being rather dedicated and hard-working, they will achieve that—you can be sure!
  • It is not difficult to chat and marry a Korean woman for sale. South Korean mail order brides are very communicative, friendly, and approachable. They usually have decent English and know how to communicate with foreigners.

While these qualities are common for most South Korean brides, there is much more about these women! And you can find something unique only if you start looking for Korean brides online!

Character of Korean mail brides: What you need to know

Finding and marrying a Korean mail order bride is not difficult if you come prepared. And to understand what kind of relationships you can build with your bride, it is essential to know about the main qualities and traits of the character of Korean brides. In this section, we are going to emphasize 5 of the most important qualities of girls from South and North Korea!

Overly emotional

Emotions play an essential role in the lives of beautiful and hot Korean mail order brides. Girls here rely on their feelings and consider emotions when choosing the right partner. While Korean wives won’t be as emotional as Latin brides, you shouldn’t expect girls from Korea to be passive, shy, and quiet.

Goal-oriented, dedicated, and ambitious

Korean women for marriage know what they want and will achieve it no matter what. These girls are hardworking and purposeful, and building a family with a South Korea wife is a relatively simple thing. However, you will also have to prove that you are a dedicated person. A lot of girls from this country have huge ambitions!

Obsessed with beauty and fashion

Korean women for marriage

Korean women have very specific standards of beauty. Girls try to have large eyes, a high-bridged and slim nose, moderately full lips, a small face, long legs, clean skin, and many other things. Fashion trends are closely monitored, so you will see that most girls wear the same trendy clothes.

Easy-going with foreigners

It is not tricky for Korean women to start chatting with a foreigner. Korean girls are interested in Western culture because Korea is a rather Westernized country. So you won’t find it challenging to find a Korean wife online!


Korean people are among the smartest individuals on the planet, so the girls from this country are rather broad-minded and intelligent. Although it largely depends on the girl you are looking for, it is possible to state that you won’t be bored with her! However, keep in mind that many South Korean mail order brides will look for a man who is also smart and broad-minded!

What does a South Korea wife look like?

As mentioned above, Korean women for marriage are obsessed with their appearance. These girls have very specific and strict standards of beauty. The majority of girls you will find online are going to have large eyes, tiny noses, full lips, and symmetrical face features. It is paramount to note that plastic surgery is prevalent in South Korea, and many parents help their daughters look just like they want to. So, there is a high chance that your bride will have at least one plastic surgery. Fortunately, the quality of this procedure is top-notch in Korea, so you won’t even notice it!

8 must-know facts about Korean girls for marriage

Korean girls for marriage

After you’ve gotten this far, you probably think you already know enough about Korean brides and girls for dating, but these women are very complex and it can take a lot longer for you to truly get the essence of Korean women. These 8 facts about gorgeous Korean girls for marriage will speed up this process for you:

  • They find Western guys irresistible. In the eyes of a Korean woman, a Western man possesses every quality she wants to see in her spouse, including good looks, a sense of humor, loyalty, ambitious nature, and a caring personality.
  • They will charm you from first sight. From a distance, gorgeous Korean girls can seem shy and reserved, but that’s only until they meet a man they like. Once that happens, a Korean bride will surprise you with her charming and flirty behavior.
  • A language barrier won’t be a problem. Most Korean mail order brides you meet online or in person are highly educated and familiar with Western culture, so you will not only be able to communicate freely in English but will also have a lot of things to talk about.
  • Korean girls often live with their parents even after graduating. Living in your family home as an adult is nothing unusual in South Korea and there is a high chance of her not inviting you home for a very long time until she is ready to introduce you to her family.
  • Setting a date can be difficult. Like Japanese women, Korean ladies belong to the hardest-working females in the world. Their typical workday is over 10 hours long, so you may not be able to spend as much time with your Korean bride every day as you want.
  • You need to be financially stable. The financial situation of the man is not the main deciding factor for a Korean bride, but it’s pretty important. Korean women are typically well-off, so it’s not surprising that they don’t want to downgrade their living standards through marriage.
  • Cooking is their special talent. For a Korean mail order bride, cooking is a way to unwind after a long day at work and to take care of the people she loves. A Korean woman will volunteer to cook for you early in the relationship and will make you fall in love with Korean cuisine.
  • Pretty Korean girls communicate through their phones. When you first begin a relationship with a Korean woman, you can’t help but note that she spends hours on her phone daily. As your relationship progresses, you will be getting dozens of texts every day when she’s not around.

What kind of wife will a Korean woman for sale be?

Foreign brides in Korea have all the right qualities and knowledge that a good wife should have. Ladies from this country are hard-working and ambitious, which is always good if you want to find a wife online. The benefits of marrying a Korean woman are numerous, but most importantly, your relationships are going to be relatively smooth and without problems. Even though they can be rather emotional, Korean girls don’t solve problems with emotions. They are rational people and prefer to deal with issues calmly. You can be sure that your wife is going to be supportive, helpful, honest, and friendly with you.

Korean girls dating culture: your complete guide

Korean culture is different from Western culture in nearly every aspect, and romance is no exception. When you are getting ready to date a Korean woman, there is a whole set of rules to remember. First of all, you need to know that not all Korean girls want to get married. Some of them just don’t have such serious intentions yet. If you look for such girls, you need to go to international dating platforms. But if you want to find a Korean wife, you need a mail order bride site, which you can choose based on our reviews. Anyway, here are the 10 most important tips for a new relationship with a Korean bride:

  • Forget about public displays of affection. PDA is a big no-no in South Korea and was even prohibited at some point. Even though nowadays couples don’t face any punishment for being affectionate in public, holding hands is as far as you will go with a Korean girlfriend.
  • Respect is key. The Korean society is built on respect, and while Korean women display genuine respect for the men, you are also expected to treat your partner with respect and never make her do something she doesn’t feel like doing.
  • A gift is always a good idea. This is probably the one dating rule that is universal for all cultures. A Korean woman will understand if you show up to a date empty-handed, but she will be delighted to get a small but meaningful gift from you, such as a bouquet of flowers or sweets.
  • Always cover the check. Unlike Western women, Korean brides will never suggest splitting the check after a date. It’s not because they want to fully depend on men, but because they want to feel like you truly care about them.
  • Korean women are not easy. Unless a woman is specifically looking for a fling with no long-term plans, she will never invite you to her home or spend the night at your place until the third or even fifth date. If the woman is firmly determined to get married, she may take even longer than that.
  • Korean brides love romantic memorabilia. Once you have a Korean woman as your girlfriend or bride, you will witness a never-ending stream of T-shirts, mugs, keychains, and other memorabilia with photos of your couple, and there is very little you can do about it.
  • Meet her family. Inviting a boyfriend home to meet the family is a huge step for Korean brides, but you can speed things up and show your commitment at the same time if you volunteer to meet her parents first.
  • Respect her time. Korean women are very punctual and they are almost never late for dates. Prove you take her time seriously by never being late and instead always being there when she arrives.
  • Remember all the anniversaries. A dating anniversary in Korea isn’t just a year since you met each other. Korean couples celebrate every 100 days they’ve spent together. The 14th of each month is also a crucial date for a Korean bride in love.
  • Don’t give her any reasons to be jealous. Korean girls don’t need much to suspect your infidelity and the consequences can be very damaging for your relationship. That is why it’s best to never pay any attention to other women whatsoever when you’re together with a Korean woman.

What you need to know about Korea before meeting your Korean mail order bride

Korean girls for dating

When talking about Korea, most of us mean South Korea — a country whose rich history and vibrant culture are known all over the planet. However, the name Korea actually refers to the Korean peninsula. Since 1945, it has consisted of two countries, North Korea and South Korea.

North Korea is a rather mysterious republic. Its political establishment, attitude to human rights, and voluntary isolation from the world are regularly discussed in the media. South Korea is more open to the world and has won over millions of people in the world with its fascinating pop culture. When we mention Korean mail order brides on our site, we mostly mean South Korean girls, as women in North Korea have little to no opportunities for communicating with foreigners.

Why do South Korean mail order brides want to marry foreigners?

The reasons why South and North Korean brides decide to look for foreign husbands can be different. Some ladies just want to live in a different country. Others want to escape their families who can be rather traditional. It is essential to note that Korea is a very competitive country, which is why it can be rather challenging for a young woman to find a man who is successful, kind, and family-oriented. However, there are a lot of men in the United States who want to find a Korean wife. So, it is easier for Korean women for marriage to find a husband online than to find him in Korea!

The best topics to discuss with Korean women for marriage

If you want to connect with a Korean mail order bride, you need to talk about her family. You need to understand that family is everything for Korean mail order brides, and talking about this topic will help you make your bride trust you. Apart from that, you need to check out your bride’s profile page. Korean girls love K-Pop and everything connected to fashion, but you do not necessarily need to talk about that. Read your bride’s profile page, and you might find something that may be interesting for your girl.

Do they want you to come to visit them in Korea?

It is a common rule that girls in Korea don’t date foreigners. However, when speaking about Korean mail brides, it is essential to emphasize that many girls who use mail order bride services are eager to marry a man from another country and culture. But still, you need to understand that it can be challenging for foreign brides in Korea to actually marry a Westerner. So you need to have as many online dates as you can. Spend at least 2-3 months just talking to your bride online. Don’t visit her after a couple of dates, as you will just scare her away. It is not that difficult to understand how to get a Korean wife online—you need to show her that you are a man she can trust!

How to get the attention of a Korean young wife and be successful online?

South Korean brides

To find a Korean girl to sell and get her attention, your profile page should be immaculate. Girls from this country love handsome men. While you may know that a lot of Korean women are obsessed with K-Pop idols, who look like dolls, it is also important to note that ladies from this country love manly men. Your profile image should be perfect—it should demonstrate all your main qualities and your appearance in the first place.

It doesn’t matter what you write to your bride. She will first look at your profile page and only then decide whether to answer you or not. If you know that your photo is good, you need to fill out your profile information to make sure that a bride can learn about you without contacting you. Lastly, to get the attention of a Korean young wife, you need to be charming and friendly. Don’t try to be macho right away—you will just scare your bride away!

How to compliment your Korean girl for sell?

The simplest way to compliment your Korean bride is to tell her that she looks phenomenally. Again, women from this country are obsessed with their appearance, so they are very eager to hear that they are beautiful and hot. But don’t make your compliments too sexualized or crude. Your compliments should be light and simple to show that you appreciate your bride’s beauty without any double entendres.

Final thoughts

Mail order Korean brides have too many advantages for us to list in a single article. If, after getting your first impression about single Korean women, you are now determined to find a Korean partner for dating or marriage, you have come to the right place! Our honest reviews about Asian women and the selection of mail order brides and other dating sites will help you find the ideal international dating platform for any goal and successfully meet Korean girl online.