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Asian Mail Order Brides And Dates: Asian Mindset & Dating Explained

A lot of men look for an Asian brides or girlfriends. A lot of Asian women for marriage or dating (single or divorced) look for guys from Western countries, in particular, from the USA, Canada, and Australia. So, getting an Asian mail order bride sounds like a perfect solution, right? Ladies can give everything a typical guy usually dreams of: care, love, beauty, children, home. Men, in turn, provide support, proper living conditions, love, and care. However, what about the different mindsets, cultural, and educational gaps? What about morality?

Asian Mail Order Brides

Spoiler alert: you cannot buy anyone, including girls from the poorest Asian countries. But you can actually get a mail order bride. How does it work? Is finding an Asian wife a good idea? We reveal all the secrets in this article.

Who is a typical Asian mail order bride?

Though it may seem that literally everyone knows what a mail order bride means, it turns out that most people think that this is a girl you can really pre-order, pay for her, and get a wife. However, it is just a misconception. To understand how it emerged, one needs to understand what happened to foreign brides throughout history.

Generally speaking, the history of mail order brides can be divided into 3 main stages:

  • The 1st stage — the new world. At the end of the 16th century, men started to register the first marriages with mail order brides. In those days, this term meant exactly what it suggests — a girl you contact, “order,” and marry her. For men who lived in the Promised Land, it was a perfect solution because it solved all the problems, and money was the motivation for women to leave their towns and move thousands of miles away from home.
  • The 2nd stage — the new wave. Soon, men realized that they can marry foreign brides who are much cheaper, younger, more obedient, more exotic. In some countries, for example, in Thailand, agencies sold ladies for about 10.000 dollars. If a guy was not happy with his wife, he could just request a new one. Basically, this stage, as well as the previous one, is the main reason why people think that an Asian wife is a woman for sale. The next stage, however, has changed it all.
  • These days. The Internet has changed the business. The new laws, regulation acts, and new moral standards have also changed the industry dramatically. Governments of many countries started to pay more attention to the issue, developed acts protecting women, and made selling and purchasing brides illegal. This, however, does not mean that today, there are no foreign brides from Asia or other countries. However, these women don’t look for agencies that would sell them — they are signing up for websites for mail order brides and foreign husbands or just for ordinary global dating websites, choose and date men online.

As you can see, there are reasons why people think that mail order brides can be actually “bought.” After all, there was a time when it was possible. However, it is really important to understand that you cannot do the same today — it is illegal, ladies in Asia become more and more educated, and well, it just doesn't work like that in the modern world.

Girls who want to marry guys from one of the above-mentioned countries usually use platforms created for future wives and husbands who are interested in marriage and nothing but marriage. Or they join mail order brides and other dating sites where people look for different things. In other words, a typical Asian bride who looks for a foreigner is likely to choose online dating, niche, or regular dating on the good old web.

What should you know about Asian mail order wives and dates — culture & mindset

How to understand someone from Asian country? It is a complex question, actually. It is even more complex for those who think about marrying a girl from Asia. We decided to focus on the main three points to tell you more about the mindset, values, and qualities of Asian women.

5 Facts about Asian Mail Order Bride

Asian beauty is changing the world in real-time

Vogue talks about Asian beauty trends, Asian models work the runways, and Asian influencers dominate Instagram. Men lose their minds when looking at these women, and they dominate the global dating market. They are the most popular women on “ordinary” dating or mail order bride websites.

Currently, Japan & Korea absolutely dominate in skincare, making women look younger, and considering the rapid development of cosmetology in these countries, the majority of women there start looking like 20-year-old movie stars even in their 40s. Though in poorer countries like Thailand and the Philippines the situation is different, such regions cannot resist the influence of the latest beauty trends and ladies there stop to rely on their natural beauty only. That, of course, makes naturally beautiful Asian brides absolutely irresistible.

More modern or more traditional?

This is one of the best things about Asian mail order brides. It is authentic. The thing is a lot of these countries were “closed” for a long time, and unlike the rest of the world, they were not under the influence of the Western trends. Of course, the situation has changed and globalization now impacts Asian societies, too, but this “historical gap” still makes them completely special.

These countries and people living there are more conservative, they preserved their traditions and values. This finds its expression in everything from the way they do household chores, what they eat, what they watch, how they treat family, and what they consider as the most important things in life. We cannot deny that in general, they are much more conservative than people living in Western countries but more modern than Western people think they are. For example, many Asian women there are marriage-minded, but in their opinion, this should not stop them from studying and building careers.

How religion affects them

Asia is a multi-religious continent, but a huge part of it was under the influence of the so-called peaceful religions like Buddhism, Daoism, and Hinduism. This, of course, influences all people in Asia. Asian women, for example, are considered wiser, calmer, and more understanding. Recently, researchers found out that transnational couples in Thailand face no difficulties related to different religious beliefs. Most people in this country are Buddhist and they are okay with other religions, so this will hardly become a problem, no matter if you are going to date someone from Thailand, China, or India.

Common misconceptions about Asia and an Asian brides

There are some “facts” about Asia we understand horribly wrong. In most cases, they are generalizations and exaggerations, and we are going to prove that they have nothing or very little in common with reality.

pretty asian brides

Asian mail order brides are poorly educated?

It is no secret that a lot of Asian societies are pretty conservative. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t change. For example, the times of poorly educated women who think that being a housewife can be the only goal in life are gone. According to the statistics provided by UNESCO, the number of girls who gained access to education has increased dramatically over a few decades. Almost half a billion women were receiving education in the Asia-Pacific in 2016.

Asian wives are very submissive, and marriages can never be ruined

Asian couples don’t divorce? We bet you heard that Asian wives are submissive and cannot divorce a husband. It is another myth. For example, in Thailand, more than 50% of couples break up, and that is 20% more than 10 years ago. The divorce rate in Beijing, China, amounted to 3.43 breakups per thousand inhabitants. So yes, Asians divorce and that is one of the reasons why so many women look for a husband abroad.

Relationships with foreigners are stigmatized there

It is not exactly the myth, it is rather one of the historical facts that have nothing to do with modern Asian societies. For example, in China, a few decades ago, Chinese students who dated foreigners were expelled from universities. Recently, more than 50.000 transnational marriages were registered in the country. This demonstrates how dramatically things changed over the decades. Now, relationships with foreigners are not stigmatized in most Asian societies.

How to get an Asian bride?

Obviously, you can move to one of the countries to meet someone there, but let us be honest — very few can afford this. Hence, most guys have to choose another option — try to find a wife on the web. There are two types of platforms:

  1. Mail order bride sites. These are the niche platforms where men look only for wives, and ladies look for husbands only.
  2. Global dating sites. These are the international dating websites where people look for love, friendship, friends with benefits relationship, no strings attached, etc.

Of course, it is easier to use niche mail order bride websites, but you can find Asian singles by specific filters on regular global sites, too.

Free dating and mail order brides sites vs. paid services

We Are Your Online Dating Cupids

All dating and mail order bride websites fall under two categories: sites you can use for free and sites that make you pay for the dating opportunities they provide.

Free global dating websites are platforms where members don’t have to pay for texting and other basic communication services. Does it mean that the owners don’t earn anything? Of course, it doesn’t. Such platforms post ads (contextual or ordered by various companies) and they actually offer premium plans, too.

So, what is the difference between such free and paid sites? Firstly, on paid platforms, you cannot contact anyone for free (though you can usually send a limited number of messages on free sites, they still let you send at least a few without paying). Secondly, the costs of VIP membership plans on paid and “free” platforms are different — on premium platforms, you will need to pay more.

But should you? It depends. If you are looking not for an Asian wife but for a girl from your city, it probably doesn’t make much sense. After all, ads are not the worst thing in the world. However, if you are looking for someone in another country and want to be sure that you are dreaming of a real person, paid platforms might be a better option just because they protect members from catfishing.

Things to consider when choosing a site

No matter if you are going to choose a paid or a free site, you should consider a few crucially important criteria before you sign up. After all, you need a good platform to get the best experience, feel safe, and avoid disappointments. Here is what you should focus on:

  • Quality of services. Make sure that you are satisfied with the quality and the number of all services.
  • Users’ reviews. Check out the feedback from people who’ve been using the site for a few months.
  • Billing policy. Take a close look at the prices and conditions, make sure that you are okay with the total price.
  • Safety. Make sure that the site uses HTTPS protocol as well as modern security systems and protects members’ privacy.
  • Customer support. Try to reach support and estimate the quality of their services.

Note that the overall impression of the site matters, too. Just test every platform and compare the options. Or you can use the results of the work of our experts — on our website, you can find the rankings of the top dating sites, as well as the sites with Asian mail order brides, and choose any of the safe and quality options.


Of course, single women in Asia or anywhere else are different, and not all of them want to get married at all costs. That is why some of them join regular dating websites created for people looking for love, friendship, sex, dates, etc. Those who are sure that Asian mail-order brides want to start a family join niche websites. Here, you can find the reviews of platforms in both niches. We believe that there are tons of opportunities for international dating, and everyone can choose the option that suits one’s needs best. That is why we write about all Asian ladies and all websites, and if you are looking for a reputable dating platform or a reputable mail order bride site, you can find the information about both here.

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