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Philippine Brides
Philippine Brides
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Filipino Mail Order Brides – The Best Wives Of Modernity

There are two groups of Filipino brides: those who stay at home and look for a husband on the web and those who move abroad and look for a husband in another country. Are they different? Not really. In fact, they have similar social backgrounds, similar values which can be shaped, but not changed entirely if a woman lives abroad. Though we are going to focus on Filipino mail order brides, i.e., on women who join dating websites to find a match, everything we say below  on may be applied to female labor migrants, too. So what are Filipina women like? Why do they leave their homes? Let us get started.

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Filipina Brides – What makes them leave the paradise?

“Mail-order brides are gold-diggers!” “She will leave you right after she gets your money!” “Buying a bride is horrible!” These are the common things you can hear from people who know nothing about the modern online dating industry. Still, you should not blame them for spreading myths – we just cannot deny that we lack relevant information about all mail-order brides, particularly about Filipina mail order brides.

Buying a Filipino bride is really horrible, though. Fortunately, you cannot do it in 2020 – this is nothing but a myth. As for the rest, there are results of surveys, statics, diagrams, and figures that prove this. So, let us take a look at the things that really make Filipina women leave their home and move to their boyfriends’ countries.

filipino mail order brides

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In this country, divorce is illegal

Yes, that is right – there is no law that would allow people to break up officially. Despite this, according to recent studies, “the number and proportion of Filipinos who are divorced and separated have been increasing over time, despite the lack of the law.” (Reference #2) This shows that even such governmental restrictions (the mere existence of which in the modern world seems at least weird, actually) can stop Filipina women and men from breaking up. A good reason to look for better options abroad, right?

Having a mistress is not a big thing

There are a lot of things that make this wonderful country special. Love triangles are definitely one of them. The thing is the institution of family in the Philippines is the cultural and social phenomenon. It is quite normal for men to have mistresses, of course, if they can provide for a few families (Reference #3). Yes, this is pretty similar to the family models in some Muslim countries. However, this is not a Muslim country - Catholicism is the dominant religion there.

Women are in a no-win situation – they cannot just leave the husband because his behavior is socially acceptable. The behavior of a woman who ruins the family, in turn, is socially discouraged. Furthermore, a guy who has two families is a macho in the eyes of society (Reference #3). We do not claim that all men have mistresses in the Philippines or that all women are okay with such situations, but the fact is that such love triangles are a quite common thing on these amazing islands.

Fear of ending up alone

Did you know that according to statistics, the average age of brides in the Philippines is 27? (Reference #1) Why is this information important? Although this society is developing, their social norms are changing, and traditions are shaped by western influence, still, if a woman fails to get married at this age, she is likely to be stigmatized as a spinster, an old maid, or “matandang dalaga”. Yes, some girls want to get married because they feel that pressure, and let us be honest – the have better chances on dating websites.

filipina girls 

Migration is rarely interwoven with a single factor – it is usually interwoven with political, familial, local, global and, of course, personal factors too. (Reference #3) Hence, a regular Filipino mail-order bride has complex yet easy-to-understand motivation. This explains why these women get married to foreigners, but why do foreigners get married to them? It would be a mistake to think that there is the only answer to this question, so let us take a closer look at the things that make them so special.

Good look matters

They do not wear tons of makeup and do not buy clothes in a high-end boutique, and they still look better than some stars on Instagram. How can this be explained? Firstly, their natural beauty allows them to be gorgeous 24/7. Secondly, they have fantastic bodies. They just do not need all those accessories, tons of makeup and ultra-expensive brands to win men’s hearts.

By the way, mass trends (or their absence) matter, too. Of course, they have their own trendsetters, fashion trends, etc. However, they are not as influenced by makeup artists, Kardashians and other influencers as western societies. They do not know what the difference between two concealers is, and this, paradoxically, makes them even more beautiful.

Balancing between home and work is “not a big thing”

Women in Philippines country used to work hard. Of course, this cannot be considered the main reason why men choose these girls – most guys are not looking for a servant but for a loving spouse. So why do we mention it? The reason is simple. This reduces the number of conflicts.

What is better: saying “No, darling, doing dishes/cleaning the house/working 10 hours a day/etc. is not necessary, I already took care of it,” or arguing about each other’s responsibilities and unmet expectations of both parties? It is no problem for a Filipina to balance between home and work. Loving husbands, of course, usually try to do everything to make their wives’ lives much easier, and this is very appreciated by Filipino women.

filipino bride

Faithful wives are real

It is no secret that Asian women’s faithfulness is one of the reasons why guys from different parts of the world search for a wife in Asian countries. In fact, this makes sense just because the cultural and social traditions, trends, and dogmas in such countries, particularly, in the Philippines have their impact on women. Girls who are born and raised in more conservative societies used to believe that family is the most precious thing in life and that a man is the head of the family. He is the one who helps in difficult situations, makes hard choices, and so on. A woman, of course, has her own responsibilities, and no less important, actually.

The crucially important thing is that these women do not pretend to be respectful, they really respect decent men. Guys who have dated Filipino women know that they can make a man feel like a knight, the only defender and supporter. Generally speaking, these islands are the perfect place to find a respectful and faithful wife.

Perfect listeners, perfect talkers

Some men are looking for hot girls and most passionate lovers. If they are lucky to meet not only pretty but also smart women who can listen and can talk about various things, there can be little doubt that they met their mail order wives in the Philippines.

Some people still think that this is the poor, undeveloped countries where people are not really interested in anything except for earning some money for their family. That time is gone – today this is the rapidly developing country where more and more women enter and graduate from universities. So, if you look for a perfect listener and a perfect talker, this country might be the best place in the whole world to meet a woman of your dreams.

Being too serious is boring

This is another nightmare of most confirmed bachelors – they see family life as a series of boring days. Most single guys imagine boring days, a man and a woman who are stuck in a routine, child-rearing, work, and so on. We cannot deny that in many cases, this is what couples face and need to overcome. However, guys who married Filipinas note that these girls love life, and nothing can convince them that living it is a heavy responsibility.

These girls know how to make every day a bit brighter for themselves are for people they love. They like fun, laughter, and positive emotions, they like to express them and to see others expressing them. So, if you are afraid that you will get a grumpy, boring Asian wife, forget about this – girls from the Philippines are incredibly cheery!

marriage filipino mail-order wife

Rules of dating Filipino women

Is there anything that a man needs to keep in mind when building a relationship with a Filipina? Here are some recommendations to consider.

  • Good manners never fail to impress a woman. Of course, the world is changing, but you should not forget that the Philippines remain a quite conservative country when it comes to gender roles. So, there are some good old rules to follow – get the door, give flowers, pay for your dinner, and so on.
  • Meeting a family is crucially important. If you are doing great and know for sure that you could make a good impression on her, try to do it again with her parents. Their opinion is very significant, but try not to think about this all the time – just relax, be polite, and be yourself, and things will hardly go wrong.
  • Be a nice guy, not a Scrooge, not a rich “sugar daddy”. Find a fine line between showing that you have a lot of money and being a Scrooge. Filipino women hate when guys try to buy them. There is a fine line between being wealthy and manifesting wealth when trying to buy a woman’s love. Filipino women are regular girls who want to find love. Hot Filipino bride will not be with a man who treats her like a thing. She will not be with a man spares a few dollars on a date not because she wants his money but because this is not very attractive to the majority of women in the world.
  • Respect her country. Well, do not be that westerner who thinks that only developed countries have rich cultures and traditions. You will not marry a Filipino woman without expressing interest in the Filipino culture. Google it before you finally see each other, and we bet you will be impressed with how vivid and rich this culture is. Do not hesitate to share your impressions and ask the questions – she will like it.
  • Focus on her, forget about other ladies. It is no secret that a woman wants to feel like a start, at least when she is with her man. However, this is not the main reason why Filipino mail order brides want their men to forget about other ladies – we have already noted that local wives are just tired of womanizers and they definitely do not want to marry them.

beautiful filipino woman

Filipino brides: final thoughts

There are plenty of things that make Filipino women leave their homes and move abroad. Some of them move to other countries as labor migrants (a lot of them want to escape bad relationships, too)and get married to locals there, and some are looking for love on the web. No wonder that Filipinos are the champions among other migrants, and yes, Filipino mail order brides are some of the most popular girls in the online dating industry.

So, there is a ready supply of Filipino brides, but what about the demand? It is even higher than the supply, actually. Lots of great qualities, unique cultural background, good education and, of course, looks make them the best wives. Men who know about the benefits of marrying Filipinas look for their future spouse on the web – there are plenty of top websites with real Filipino women, and the best of them can be found on this site.


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