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Who Are Asian Brides And What Are The Reasons To Choose Them?

’Love has no boundaries!’ modern people say. However, though today we can learn everything about other ethnicities and cultures without even leaving our homes, we rarely use this possibility. What do we really know about an ordinary Asian woman for marriage? Well, she’s likely to be hot.

Most guys also know that she’s likely to be less emancipated and respect family values. That’s true. But there are a lot more interesting facts about so popular and desired Asian mail order brides, so why not know them all?

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The definition of mail order bride phenomenon

Mail Order Bride is a women who want to be the wives of foreigners - usually of Western men. To achieve the relationship of their dreams, these women register on dating sites, upload their best photos, and describe their personalities in details for men to see their inner and outer beauty in bloom.

The most popular mail-order brides are Asian, Slavic, and Latin girls. However, women of all nationalities may be international brides.

Yes, a lot of single men would like to meet beautiful Asian women for marriage online and maybe even build a family with one of them. However, Asia is a huge continent, and each Asian country has its own unique and incredibly rich culture. This is obviously the most confusing thing for most guys. So, where exactly should they look for a perfect Asian wife?

There are the 5 most popular countries:

  1. The Philippines. Did you know that the most desired and beautiful Asian women live in these wonderful islands? A lot of guys from all over the world want to marry Filipino brides because they are not only beautiful but also open-minded, caring, and optimistic
  2. Thailand. If you have never been to Thailand, you should definitely fix this – this land is just wonderful, and a lot of hot Asian girls live there. No, we are not talking about bar girls – there are a lot of Thai girls for marriage there, and they are more shy, educated, respectful and motivated to build serious relationships. So visit Thai if you still haven’t or sign up for one of global Asian mail order brides site.
  3. China. China is nothing like any other country in the modern world. This is the country of contrasts, contradictions, and unbelievably hot girls. Women who live there may be 1) ambitious, westernized, beautiful and confident or 2) shy, respectful, conservative, caring yet gorgeous, too. Who do you like more? In fact, you can meet both types of Chinese-mail order brides on top niche dating sites.
  4. Vietnam. Vietnamese brides are hiding their faces under huge hats, and that’s the good news because when they take it off, men just can’t resist them. If you are looking for a more optimistic, open, and sincere bride, Vietnam is the right place to visit!
  5. India. This is another popular country where single guys can meet gorgeous hotties, but we believe that it is special. Indian culture is so rich, nature is so amazing, and women are so irresistible that we just cannot ignore it! Indian girls are perfect wives just because they know how to mix old good traditions and respect for family values with ambitiousness and the strong desire for self-development and growth.

So which of these countries is the champion? Which of them is a magic place where one in two girls would make a perfect Asian wife to you? Unfortunately, no one knows the answer to this question. We’ve mentioned the most popular mail order Asian brides countries, but there are so many places where you can meet a lot of beautiful Asian women. Why not try to look for a bride in Korea, Uzbekistan or India? Who knows, maybe you will meet the love of your life in Japan (yep, in rich countries, there are also single women with certain tastes and preferences). In other words, Asia is not only huge but also really diverse, and though ladies living there are different, there are at least a few crucial things they have in common.

Common traits and qualities of beautiful Asian women

5 Facts about Asian Mail Order Bride

We think it’s time to talk about similarities! You’ve probably noticed that all these countries are a bit different, as well as girls living there. However, the thing is though the differences are countless, there are a lot of similarities, too. So what can we say about all Asian mail-order brides?

Natural beauty above all

But they never ignore advances in modern cosmetology, beauty industry, and dietary. Most people know that Asians don’t gain weight and don’t get old, or at least they do it much slower than people of other ethnicities. It may seem that women in Asia don’t need to do anything to be young and pretty, but these girls are true perfectionists. No, they are not always obsessed with the way they look, but they know for sure that a true woman should be as beautiful as possible.

Balancing between modern trends and traditional values

Asian Mail order bride

Of course, the situation in different countries is different too, but still, most women in Asia are now balancing between old and new values, and they do it perfectly. No one knows how they can resist some of the global trends and follow the other ones, without forgetting about the importance of traditional family values. No one knows why they still value traditional gender roles. But the fact is that a lot of Asian ladies make every effort to be the best versions of themselves in everything from looks to education, but they can be soft and feminine when they are next to their men.

Real women

These ladies know how to make a man feel like a knight, a warrior, a true man. There is a huge difference between a modern western woman and a modern Asian woman, actually. Both are smart and independent (if necessary), but when you ask an hot Asian girl where she wants to go this evening, she’s likely to tell you that she is ready to go anywhere with you and that you lead. It’s simple, but there’s something really special in such pure femininity.

Wisdom and attitude to life

It is extremely difficult to explain why an Asian wife is so different from any American or European, Australian or Canadian girl. But if you meet women in China or another country on this continent, you probably noticed that they are from another planet. No, they seem smart and funny, and some of them look very westernized, but there is something purely Asian in them.

Some people think that the secret is in their special attitude to life, which, in turn, is the cause of the magnificent culture. They are calmer, more patient, and most importantly, wiser. You just can’t confuse this charm with anything else and maybe it’s the main reason why men are so attracted to pretty ladies in Asia – it’s not only about the looks, it’s about being with a wise and maybe even a bit mysterious, gorgeous woman.

Breaking the myths about Asian mail order brides

Asian girls for marriage

There is another crucially important thing we need to do. We also need to discuss common stereotypes about them. So, let’s focus on another crucial aspect – Asian brides’ motivation. It’s no secret that this is men’s biggest concern.

So, let’s list the most common stereotypes about Asian brides:

  1. A mail order bride is an Asian woman who wants to escape poverty at any cost.
  2. All people are poorly educated, and ladies are focused on wealth and nothing but wealth.
  3. They want nothing but a Green Card or/and your money.
  4. After your Asian wife learns your language and graduates from a local college, she will leave you and start to date her yoga instructor.
  5. Or she will stay at home forever and turn into a housewife with a sad face.
  6. You cannot live happily ever after with an Asian mail order wife – the language barrier and cultural differences will destroy your marriage.

Particular attention should be paid to one of these stereotypes. Lots of people worldwide think that there is no reason to move somewhere and live with a foreign husband except for the money. Filipinas, for example, often live in “queridas” – socially approved love triangles. As for Thailand, nearly 50% end in divorce, and the most common reason for divorce is an affair. Chinese girls, like Vietnamese and Japanese women, are attracted to Western men. In other words, all these women have a lot of reasons to search for a husband abroad.

We won’t deny that all of them seek love & stability, and, of course, a man who is able to provide for the family, but this is not the main reason to marry someone living on the other side of the world.

As for the rest of myths, well, there is one fact that can break them all. The world is changing, and Asia is changing too. Though most people there still have traditional values, women are not just men’s servants anymore – most of them work hard to enter the universities, have various hobbies and do not forget about personal growth and self-development.

A modern Asian lady will hardly be a silent servant or a careless hottie who wants nothing but money. Most of these girls have the same priority – they want to build a happy family, that’s all.

The secret of choosing the best mail order brides sites

Okay, there are a lot of countries where you can find a single Asian girl, and she’s likely to be a fantastic person and a hottie at the same time. But how exactly can a man meet someone living on the other side of the world?

Obviously, most guys sign for dating sites. The dating industry is complicated – you shouldn’t pick a random website in the search result just because you never know if it’s one of the great sites or a one-day website that will mysteriously disappear one day.

In fact, you need to consider a lot of important criteria, which are the billing policy, safety and privacy, quality of services, quality of support, and so on, and so forth. Still, we insist that you’d better spend some time on the analysis and comparison of options than provide your data and give your money to a company that does not deserve it. Besides, there’s a simpler, faster, and much more convenient way to find a lot of great dating sites – our team of qualified enthusiasts review old reputable and new fast-growing platforms regularly and make the super detailed reviews for our readers.

So, if you think that making your own research is too time-consuming, please, feel free to use our site – we guarantee that each of the websites is analyzed as carefully as possible.

Why do Asian women join mail order brides sites

beautiful asian women for marriage

No wonder guys use mail-order brides sites – they just don’t want to miss the possibility to find an Asian lady  being at home and get married. But what’s the reason why Chinese women or Vietnamese ladies or girls in any other country on this continent sing up for niche websites?

Well, it’s rather obvious – Asian singles want to get married. Yes, that’s this simple. It’s not by chance we’ve listed the stereotypes above – these myths don’t usually let people understand the real reasons why pretty Asians choose this path.

In the absolute majority of cases, a girl signs up for such sites for the following reasons:

  • She wants to get married (yes, that’s a big surprise).
  • She is divorce or she had a few unhappy relationships with local men before.
  • She is disappointed in local guys.
  • She wants to live with a decent man in a better country.
  • Family is crucially important to her and she wants to build her own.
  • She knows that foreigners she can meet in her city don’t consider her as the future wife – they mostly want her to act like a bar girl.
  • On niche sites, she can meet lots of men who want to get married, and not have a great one-night stand in her city.
  • Most such platforms make services free for women.

By the way, most women living in such countries cannot afford to fly somewhere and look for a husband. But they have the Internet connection, a laptop and the strong desire to start moving in the right direction.

The average “cost” of single Asian brides

There are two most important things that we should emphasize. Firstly, you can’t literally buy someone, it’s modernity and not medieval times. Secondly, you need to understand though you cannot just order a single Asian girl, you won’t also get her for free, and this can be explained by one fact: a good company needs to pay salaries and promote their services, not to mention other expenses.

So, good dating services are not provided for free. So how much is to get an Asian bride online in 2020? It depends on the country, too. For example, if you want to meet a Chinese bride, this may be much cheaper than visiting a girlfriend in Japan, but this is likely to be more expensive than dating a girl from the Philippines. Hence, prices for hotels, dinners in restaurants, etc. vary. Still, there are average costs of dating services, so we can estimate the approximate “cost” of such relationships. They are as follows:

  • Membership or credits bought on mail order brides sites for half a year – 300-600 dollars;
  • Four flights – up to 4000 dollars;
  • Romance tour (this is the special feature on most dating sites, and it’s optional) – about 3000 dollars;
  • Hotel – about 1500 for two weeks;
  • Visa – about 200 dollars;

And again, we’d like to note that costs usually vary. There’s no need to say that the hotel in Vietnam is much cheaper than in Japan, but still, most men spend 5-10 thousand dollars. The total amount also depends on how strong their wish to be in the first class and in the luxurious room in a hotel is, so consider this, too.

Asian mail-order brides: final thoughts

Is this possible to meet a perfect Asian wife (even staying at home)? Of course, it is! Just make sure that Asian brides meet your expectations. We had to say this, but come on, they are perfect, why would a single guy refuse from a relationship with a gorgeous girl who will support him and care for him. Still, it’s up to you. If you legitimately want this, you’ll get this sooner or later. The good news is you’re likely to get it sooner because there are plenty of great niche sites where you can meet your Asian lady online. You’ll hardly date this woman tomorrow, but in most cases, men find their future wives in 6 months after they sign up for one of the trusted dating sites. So why not give it a try?

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