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Asian Mail Order Brides And Asian Marriage Sites 2019

Love Asian girls? That’s ok, it’s hard to find a guy who isn’t crazy about them. Want to try online dating? That’s ok, too — dating sites are probably the simplest way to find an Asian wife.

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Asian wives: What country to choose?

So, you’ve decided to try online dating and to meet Asian women. It’s a very good idea — but what country should you choose?

Asian mail order brides by region

Eastern Asia
Central Asia
Western Asia
Southern Asia
SouthEastern Asia

The differences are not so huge, actually. If you prefer skinny girls with pale porcelain skin, who are more Westernized, and who therefore are very similar to Western women, choose Eastern Asia. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean women are already waiting for their future husband from the United States, and the language barrier will most likely not be a problem in such a case.

If you prefer Asians with tanned, gold skin, fit legs, and more round faces, you should think about dating a beautiful Asian bride from Southeast Asia. She’ll most likely be more emotional than her Eastern counterparts, and she’ll probably not be able to speak English fluently, which brings us back to the language barrier problem.

After all, it’s only you who makes the choice. You can also easily find the country of Asian brides you are interested in on the All Brides Regions.

Here’s a little tip for you: the majority of the Asian bride websites allow to view Asian women profiles for free, so you can sign up on all the sites from our list and choose what ethnicity attracts you most!

And here’s a piece of good news for all men who dream of having a mail order bride from one of the Asian countries: we know how we can help, and we would love to help you.

We’ll explain why dating Asian girls is surely a good idea. We’ll debunk some misconceptions about these beautiful women. We’ll show you the exhaustive list of the top Asian women dating sites. And we’ll also explain the differences among women from different Asian countries to ease your choice. Consider this article a guide on Asian mail order brides — because when you finish reading it, there will be no more questions.

Top 5 facts about Asian mail order brides

Check out our infographic about the 5 most interesting facts about Mail Order Brides from Asian countries.

5 Facts about Asian Mail Order Bride

FACT 1. About 17% of the US citizens marry someone of another ethnicity

Over 17% of all newlyweds in the USA were married to a partner of different ethnicity or race in 2015. That shows that the number of international and interracial marriages is constantly growing: in the mid-1960s, only 3% of the US citizens married someone of different ethnicity.

The interesting fact is about 30% of Asian newlyweds usually intermarry in America. As for white newlyweds, about 11% of them marry someone from another culture. Black newlyweds, in turn, marry someone of another ethnicity even more often: two-in-ten black men or women are likely to intermarry. Besides, the latest researches show that over 50% of people consider that the fact that more and more people marry someone of different ethnicity is a positive social change. A few decades ago, only 30% of people thought that this is a good thing.

In other words, the attitude toward such marriages gets better every year.

FACT 2. Nearly 80% of such marriages are happy and long-lasting

The situation of marriages with mail order brides, however, is much better than the situation of the so-called traditional marriages: about 80% of international marriages are successful, happy, and long-lasting. In other words, 8 of 10 international couples are likely to live happily ever after. Besides, this explains why foreign ladies looking for love online are this popular – as mentioned above, tens of thousands of marriages with mail order brides are celebrated in the US every single year, just because they really work!

FACT 3. There are at least 4 top Asian countries to find a wife

Some people think that a man can meet a foreign wife only in the poorest countries, in particular, in the Philippines or Thailand. Well, though these two countries are really popular, there are some other places where foreign guys can meet their future wives. So, the numbers are as follows:

  • About 70% of MOBs live in the Philippines, that is true.
  • Over 15% of the hottest Asian women can be found in Indonesia.
  • About 8% of the best brides live in Thailand.
  • 2% of Asian brides can be found in Japan and Malaysia.
  • 1% of hot Asian girls live in China and South Korea.
  • 3% of girls looking for a husband online live in other Asian countries.

The conclusion here is obvious – there are a lot of places to meet a bride in Asia!

FACT 4. The lower divorce rate is a good reason to marry someone of other ethnicities

According to the latest statistics, about 40% of marriages between Americans in the United States end in divorce. Most men who marry women of other ethnicities have happy and long-lasting marriages: only 20% of international marriages end in divorce. In other words, mail-order marriages are more successful. 8 in 10 international couples live happily together to the rest of their lives, while 5 in 10 of “purely American” couples are likely to divorce.

FACT 5. Most mail order brides are really young

One of the best things about these ladies is that they do not mind marrying a guy who is older than they are. In particular, over 40% of MOBs are only 21-25 years old. This may seem suspicious for everyone who does not know much about Asian society. The thing is a girl in her 20s is not a teenage girl there – she is a woman who needs to build a family. Moreover, in certain places, in particular, in rural areas, 25-year-old ladies are considered spinsters. Besides, these girls do not think that marriage with an older guy is something they need to be ashamed of – that is normal in most countries in Asia.

4 Main reasons to love hot Asian girls

Feminists call it objectification and exotification. Some people call it “Yellow Fever”. Some people say that it’s a fetish.

We believe that it’s neither an objectification, nor a fever, nor a fetish. It’s a logical decision, and we can easily rationalize it. There are 4 main reasons why Western men adore hot Asian girls — we said “main”, because an exhaustive list would be VERY long. Instead of writing a boring list that would consist of tens of reasons, we’ve decided to cover only the most important ones. Let’s check these reasons.

REASON 1: Asian brides are fantastically attractive

Everyone understands that it's not the most important thing to be considered when choosing a partner. But the truth is that once you see the Asian beauty, you’ll never forget her. Asian girls for marriage is exotic beauty, and all those gorgeous ladies from Asian countries are fantastically attractive. What are the reasons for that?

There are 5 reasons actually:

  • nature;
  • diet;
  • fitness;
  • sense of style;
  • and makeup.

As for the first one, here’s the thing: most Asian women, both from Southeastern and Eastern Asian countries, are extremely cute by nature. Just think about their oval faces, beautiful brown eyes, porcelain skin, skinny figures, and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. Asian mail-order brides are very beautiful, that’s a fact — but nature isn’t the only reason for this.

Diet is another point, as we’ve said. Fresh seafood, chicken, rice, vegetables — Asian cuisine can be different, but it's usually very healthy. We see two pieces of good news here. First, your Asian wife will never get fat because of her diet. Second, your Asian mail order wife will most likely be a great cook, so forget about ordering chicken curry and spring rolls online!

Asian Mail order bride

There is another reason why hot Asian females have skinny and sexy bodies: fitness. It’s pretty popular in Asia, and it’s almost impossible to find a mail order bride who doesn’t go to gym!

And there's another thing you can't ignore: their sense of style and makeup skills. We don’t know what country you’ll choose, we don’t know what will the name of your mail order bride be, we don’t know what Asian dating site you’ll use. But here’s what we know: your mail order bride from Asia will certainly be very beautiful and stylish. It’s an exotic continent, and women are exotically attractive there. But we don’t love them just because they’re beautiful. Want to know why everyone thinks that buying a wife from Asia is buying a perfect wife? Then continue reading!

REASON 2: They’re intelligent and educated

That’s another awesome thing about Asian dating. Some still think that Asian mail order brides aren’t as smart as, say, Western men and Western women. Why?

Stereotypes! Some still think that all those beautiful women from Asia (especially from Southeast Asia) don’t have a good education. This is a bit true, but only a bit — speaking frankly, the educational level of women in some Southeast Asian countries still must be improved, but it doesn't in any way mean that they aren’t as smart as the ladies from Western countries. They simply don't need to show it and they don't need to act like they are smarter than men, that's all. In reality, they are as intelligent as ladies in the United States.

REASON 3: They’re soft and totally feminine

Are you tired of modern women? Not of all of them, of course. We mean "independent", and "strong" women, who often pretend to be too strong. We mean women who want to be more confident than men and about women who always want to be leaders. So, are you tired of them?

If the answer is “yes”, you need to try finding a foreign wife, and by “foreign” we mean “Asian”. It doesn’t really matter what country you’ll choose — whether it’s Japan or Vietnam, your mail order bride will be 100% feminine. It’s one of the most amazing features of women who have been raised in Asia — they are devoted to families, they don't pay much attention to a career, and 95% of them don't have any troubles with being depended on men.

These are frequently called the main values of Asian brides. But please, don't think they are too passive and weak — no, they are a perfect combination of femininity and independence.

REASON 4: They are loving and caring

Want to meet the ladies from Asia? Here's another thing you must know about them: love and marriage are their top priority. The main goals of these beautiful Asian women are strong family, long-term relationship, and happiness of their partners. Long story short, your future mail order bride from Asia will always do her best to express her respect — and we can safely say that it’s another reason why you’ll love her. A respectful woman is perfect wife material, isn’t she?

Best Asian dating sites with real Asian girls

The best Asian marriage sites are already here, and millions of beautiful Asian women are already here, waiting for your message. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? But the question is: how can you be sure that these sites are really good?

Check out Top rated mail order brides sites in 2019

1-st place
2-nd place
3-rd place
asia charm review
Asia Charm

Are you still looking for the perfect dating site with Asia brides?

You don't have to if you register on AsiaCharm.

It's all about our experts. They have spent days to filter out the bad international dating sites. They have tested free and paid features of these websites. They have tested the communication tools of each dating agency, read hundreds of sites reviews, tested the safety certificates to provide you safe dating experience, checked if the websites have a long history, etc, etc. It’s not the fastest process, but you won’t have to do all these things by yourself. All you should do now is choose any of these international dating websites, find the most beautiful Asian women for free, and start building your love story! 

Why do these girls join Asian marriage sites?

beautiful asian women

Some men from the West are still sure that all those hot Asian girls who join mail order bride sites only want two things: US Dollars and Green Card. In very short words, it’s totally not true.

Yes, some Asian mail order brides from Southeast Asia may want to flee from their countries. And yes, some Asian girls do only want your money. But the thing is: the percentage of gold diggers in every race is very small — so yes, it's possible to meet gold diggers if you prefer hot Asian girls. As well as European, African, Latin, and American girls.

But most of them do not actually need your money. They do only want to find a loving and caring man, a man who will be good enough to become their life partner. The reasons why they want to try a long-distance relationship can be different. Some of them just want to live in a first-world country. The others believe that men from the West are better than men in their own countries. We think that the reasons are not crucial and that there is only one thing you must know: a lot of Asian girls join such sites every year, which makes it very simple to find the Asian girlfriend. Isn’t it just great?

Can you find Asian mailorder brides for free?

Yes. Some mail order bride sites provide lots of free services, so technically, you can find your love for free. But in reality, it’s not so easy.

Most dating sites are paid. Yes, all of them offer free registration, all of them allow to view women profiles for free, and almost all of them provide free support team services. You can find a woman of your dreams for free, but you can’t send messages for free — the communication tools, such as live chat and video calls are usually fee-based.

How to get a mail order bride

1. Read the expert reviews
Our bestasianbrides.com dating experts reviewed the main features of mail order bride sites to help you find the best resource.
2. Create profile
Describe yourself, your hobbies, and the things you love.
3. Post a quality photo
A well-made photo brings 80% success on a dating site.
4. Contact at least 3 girls
Before you write the lady you like, thoroughly study her page in order to know her better.
5. Use our Expert Advice
Read our blog to know more about Asian girls.
6. Subscribe to a membership
Membership will give you more opportunities in communicating with Asian brides

The mail bride websites we’ve found are quite cheap. You will certainly not have to spend thousands to find a mail order bride on these sites. We didn’t just want to add the best dating sites to the list, we wanted to add the best dating sites with reasonable prices — and we’ve done it. Now, you can choose any of them, and we can guarantee that none of these mail bride websites will disappoint you!

Asian mail order bride cost

As mentioned above, today people are not for sale, and hot Asian women are not an exception. However, brides are also not for free. How is that possible? Let us explain.

The first thing you need to consider is the dowry that every man must pay to marry a Chinese girl. The mail order brides pricing varies in a wide range and depends on where the bride is from. For instance, if your future wife is from Shanghai, it starts from 16,000 USD. If she lives in the province, the price will start at 10,000 USD. This is the largest cost component.

Other expenses are as follows:

  • Dating website services for 6 months – up to 600 USD
  • 4 flights – up to 3,500 USD
  • Romance tour – from 3,000 USD
  • Hotel – around 1,250 USD for 2 weeks
  • Visa – around 200 USD

Hence, the total price for mail order bride is around 6,000 USD not including the dowry.

asian ladies

Success Stories


Our verdict is very simple: don’t ignore online dating if you’re interested in Asian girls. It’s not just the cheapest, but also the most comfortable way to find and to meet beautiful Asian ladies. Read the reviews, read our expert tips, learn how to date hot Asian girls from different countries, choose the website, and start a relationship right now — it has never been easier!

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⭐️How to find an Asian mail order bride?

You have a lot of ways to meet Asian mail order brides. But joining top dating platforms can be one of the most effective ways to find a girl who is family-oriented and wants to find a reliable man. We know how hard it is to find a perfect dating website, but here on our site we provide with the list of the best sites 2019 to search for a mail order bride.

⭐️What to expect from your Asian mail order bride?

You should pay attention to Asian brides if you would like to have a charming and well-behaved wife. There is no doubt that Asian women will be perfect life partners and mothers. They have a good level of English, so we will have no problems with communication. Also, they are curious to travel and relocate to the country of their future husband.

⭐️Why do Asian women become mail order brides?

Asian men are very busy at work because their countries develop each year. So, Asian women are deprived of love, care, and romantics.  Hence, their way is to become mail order brides so that Western men do everything to make these women happy and satisfied. Also, international relationships broaden the usual horizons and let both in the couple develop new visions on life.

⭐️Are mail order Asian brides real?

They are, have no doubt about that. All of the top dating websites provide decent checks and verification procedures so that each mail order bride is proven to be real. You can freely surf the sites looking for your perfect lady, and she will be true. In case you keep having doubts, you can always ask for a videocall with a bride to see her act live.

⭐️Where is the best place to start looking for an Asian mail-order wife?

The right and the most effective place to look for mail-order wife are online dating sites. But there are too many platforms, so it seems to be very hard to find the only one which will perfectly fit users. That’s why our website chooses the most reliable and safe ones to provide you with a choice.