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Vietnamese Brides: Find Beautiful Vietnamese Women Looking for Marriage

Vietnam is just a paradise on Earth. It is a country rich with beautiful and attractive women. Hot Vietnamese girls are friendly, caring, polite, naturally beautiful, and very faithful. If you’ve been searching for hot Vietnamese singles that can make the best wives, then you’re in luck because there are thousands of Vietnamese mail order brides seeking for true love, romance, and husband.

Recently, online dating in Vietnam has gained popularity, making it easier for you to get access toa list of Vietnamese mail order brides. We are here to make things easy and in this article, you will see how and where you can get a Vietnamese woman for marriage.

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All You Need to Know About Beautiful Vietnamese Women

Vietnamese Women

 Hot Vietnamese women are very different from other women around the world. And you’re about to find out how!

Epitome of Vietnamese Beauty

Vietnamese girls are the real definition of beauty. They aresome of the most attractive women in the worldwhen you talk about physical beauty. In fact, everything about their physique is unique - from their dark flowing hair, slim figures, white skin, to their welcoming smiles. The Vietnamese lady looks perfect without even trying.

The beauty of Vietnamese women is not superficial, but real inner beauty. The Vietnamese ladies that live in the US are fashionable and good-looking too, thanks to the favorable climate which helps to maintain their natural beauty. That aside, the average Vietnam woman is accustomed to both difficult and austere weather so they can adapt to the most severe climatic condition.

Most pretty Vietnamese girls don’t wear heavy makeups because they love to keep things natural. The Vietnamese girl is also cute and smart sincethe education system of Vietnam is one of the best in Asia.

Loyal and Faithful

Vietnamese babes are not only physically attractive, but they’re also loyal and faithful to their husbands. Once married, a Viet girl will never cheat on you. She will never go out with the other guys. She doesn’t fight nor argues with her husband.

You cannot convince a Viet girl to end her current relationship. It’s not going to work out for you because she won’t risk her love for money or any reason whatsoever. Once she loves a man, she loves him for real.

In fact, most Vietnamese brides are seeking for long-term relationships and not some short-term romance partners.

 Vietnamese babes

Strong Family Value

Traditionally, family has always been an important concept to n fact, the idea that all women are evil and don't want anything except for the wealth was probably spread by someone in a bad mood. The truth is different, and it is beautiful: there are a lot of singles who sincerely seek for their love, and what they want is feelings and affection. Single Filipino dating can ensure you in this thought. women, and the Vietnam girls are no exception. This helps sharpen them to become great moms. The typical Viet woman puts her family first before any other thing because that’s how she was trained.

Marrying a Vietnamese beauty is life changing because a bride from Vietnam will not only love you, she will also love and protect your kids, including your parents. Your parents automatically become hers once she becomes part of your family; thus, she will care for your parents just as should would care for hers. A Vietnamese bride would never force you to move your parents into a retirement home.

5 Reasons for Marrying Vietnamese Woman

There are many reasons why you should marry a hot Vietnamese girl from a list of Vietnamese mail order brides. While the benefits are endless, we have selected five main reasons why you should consider a Vietnamese woman for marriage.

1. Vietnamese Brides Are Not Materialistic

The average Vietnam bride cuts her coat according to her size. She lives on a budget. She doesn’t spend heavily on unimportant stuff like heavy makeups, social status, and all. But that does not mean the Viet bride doesn’t need or care about money - everyone needs money. However, while some Asian and western brides will do everything possible to get to know your financial worth, the Vietnamese bride will never ask, except you tell her.

What this simply means is that your wealth does not move a Vietnamese mail order bride. She values her relationship with you more than she values your money.

Vietnamese brides are hard-working, and they can fend for themselves. This is because their maternal lineage, during the Vietnam war, experienced the importance of self-reliant. Hence, they have transferred these values to their daughters. If this is the kind of woman you want for a wife, then you should go for a Vietnam marriage.

2. Vietnamese Brides Don’t Drink and Smoke

It’s really hard to find a mail order bride from Vietnam who takes alcohol or smokes a cigarette. In fact, a study shows that only 5% of hot Vietnamese girls have ever used tobacco. A hot Vietnamese woman will just shake her head if she sees a woman smoking.

3. Vietnamese Brides Are Humble

A Vietnam woman is very modest and does not show off her beauty or accomplishments. A Vietnamese bride will never get spoiled from getting too much attention from you unlike many other Asian and Western girls.

If you’re a man that wants an ideal wife and mom for your kids (of course, every man wants an ideal wife), then you should marry a Vietnamese bride for her modesty.

4. Vietnamese Brides are Submissive

An idea wife or girlfriend should be a beautiful, loyal, and supportive woman. And this is what you get from a Vietnam mail order bride. When you marry a Vietnamese woman, she will be loyal and submissive to you at all time, even when you travel out of the city or country, she will still remain loyal. So you don’t have to doubt her loyalty because she will never betray you. Loyalty and submissiveness are just part of a Vietnamese woman’s genetic makeup.

5. Vietnamese Brides Have Amazing Physique

It is no doubt that every man wants to marry a woman he can be proud of. A man wants a beautiful wife he can show off to other men out there. And if you prefer slim, light-skinned women, then a Vietnam woman is your dream girl. Vietnamese girls are insanely beautiful and hot. Truth be told, they are the most beautiful babes in the Southeast Asia.

Vietnamese mail order brides

Why Vietnamese Wives Are The Best

Every man surely wants to get married to a woman that is beautiful, caring, loyal, and well-mannered. Vietnamese wives possess all these characteristics, making them the best wife any man can ever marry. One important factor that distinguishes Vietnam women from western women is the cultural discipline and value they have.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment in Vietnam; hence, a Viet girl holds her relationship and marriage in high esteem.

Getting married to a cute Vietnamese girl brings you good luck in life because she will stand by you and support you through thick and thin. A Vietnamese lady is cute, gently and, adheres to traditional custom.

A Vietnamese wife takes good care of her kids and home. She keeps the house clean and runs all errands diligently. She cooks daily without any complain. Those western men who are lucky to get married to a Vietnamese babe can testify of the homeliness of their Vietnam wife. You too can get lucky because the Internet has made it easy for you to find a Vietnam wife for sale.

If you are searching for hot Vietnamese women, you should definitely visit this country. You will forever remember your first visit to Vietnam mostly because even a regular guy who comes to this country becomes a rock star. All the people are smiling and taking photos with you, and children become happier because meeting a foreigner is a big event! Do not think this is because Vietnam is a not developed country. It is rather because its inhabitants are really, really friendly. What does it mean for you as a husband? It means that your friends will become her friends, and your family will become her family. These girls are so sweet – people just cannot resist them!

Undoubtedly, they make the best girlfriends and wives. However, there is no rule without exception. Although Vietnamese girls consider family to be the most important thing in life, only a good husband has a good wife.

Please, do not think that the very fact that a lady comes from a developing country with pretty conservative traditions make her your servant. Every time you find yourself thinking that your spouse could be more obedient, remind yourself of the fact that she is with you because she loves you. Do not destroy everything by showing disrespect. Happy marriages are always built on mutual trust and respect, not only passion.

Hot Vietnamese women are highly educated, intelligent, caring, supportive, and really, really beautiful. You should not underestimate them. Lots of men are dreaming of meeting such a girl, and you should appreciate the fact that you are one of the lucky few.

However, before you marry one of the hot Vietnamese women, you need to win the prettiest and the kindest girl’s heart. There are lots of hot girls on dating sites, and they are motivated to marry a good guy. Nevertheless, there are some dating rules you need to follow to make your dreams come true. Below you can find the most important ones.

Tips for Dating Hot Vietnamese Women

With aVietnamese dating service, you can find a lot of hot Viet single babes who are willing to build a long-term relationship with you.

But for you to be become successful in dating Vietnam women, there are some important things you must do, and there are some you must never do. Here is a list of those things you must keep in mind when you want to date a Vietnamese babe.

Respect Her

Dating beautiful Vietnamese women requires respect because they are raised in homes where ladies are given immense respect. In their families, the men do everything possible to please them. As an American planning for Vietnamese dating in the USA, it is important you learn to respect and make your woman feel special. Try to get her a lovely nice gift when you ask her out for a date.

Dating Vietnamese women

Care for her family

As we said before, Vietnamese girls have deep connections with their family and friends. So one of the best ways to convince a Viet woman to become your partner is to show her how much love you have for family. You may have to attend some get-togethers during holidays or festive periods. You can’t love a Vietnamese girl and not love her family members.

Vietnamese Girlfriends Don’t Want Your Money

You can’t buy the heart of a Vietnamese girl. So don’t even try to pay her. But hey, let’s clear something straight up, you are going to spend money - lots of it - when dating a Vietnamese girl, not because she is demanding (except on few occasions) but because the money would be for flights, accommodation, and marriage.

No Sex Talks

Vietnamese girls don’t like talking about romance and sex. It is just their cultural heritage. That doesn’t mean you won’t get sex from her - sure you will. But you have to work for it by establishing good relationships with members of her family. For your own good, don’t talk about sex when you are on a date with Vietnamese women. You should only do that after marriage.

Forget about the western feminist values

If you are dreaming about a hot Vietnamese woman, forget feministic views. Before you start to dominate, let us explain what we mean. You should not act like a macho or an alpha male. Yes, Vietnamese girls like confident men, but do not act as you own her. This is only about the good old etiquette. Paying for dinner in a restaurant is the norm. Telling her about your feelings and her beauty is always a good idea. She will always appreciate cute little gifts from you, of course, if you are not trying to buy her. There is nothing offensive in being a real man.

Do not drink too much

Any good Vietnamese marriage agency will provide you with an opportunity to meet the wife of your dream. Nevertheless, none of them can guarantee you that she will fall with you regardless of your behavior. In other words, it is really up to you which strategy to choose. Success depends only on you, not on the third party. That is why we advise you not to drink much during the date. Demonstrating that you are a big drinker is always a bad idea, whether you are trying to start a relationship with a Vietnamese or an American girl.

Dress to impress your future Vietnamese wife

A man does not have to be handsome like Alain Delon in his prime. However, it is what shows up on the surface that counts. Men are often trying to impress a girl by joking, telling interesting stories, giving gifts, and so on and so forth. However, looks are important too, don’t forget that.

Ask her about Vietnamese culture and traditions

Express the interest to her culture, views, and traditions. Some people say that international marriages often end in divorce because of language and cultural barriers. Not at all. They end up in divorce if spouses do not respect each other. It is really the root of all evil. That is why a keen interest in Vietnamese culture, history, and language is the key to her heart and marital bliss.

Making a Vietnamese girl your wife is absolutely possible if you are a good man who is ready to settle down. Vietnamese women, marriage, a happy life, and children are waiting for you. These women do not expect you to do anything extraordinary to impress them. Just be yourself and show her that you are really serious about the wedding, and she will say ‘yes.’

Interesting facts about Vietnam

about Vietnam

Before you begin your search for a Vietnamese mail order bride, here are some interesting facts about Vietnam:

  1. The core values of the traditional Vietnamese culture are centered on humanity, family, community, and peace.
  2. The people of Vietnam believe in superstition. They consider giving things like yellow flowers, chrysanthemum, black gifts, and handkerchiefs as a bad omen.
  3. Their meals contain the five Asian elements - spicy, salty, sweet, bitter, and sour.
  4. They drink Ruou ran, popularly known as “snake wine” for vitality and restorative purposes. Ruou ran is a prickled snake in rice wine.
  5. Motorbikes are the most common form of transportation in Vietnam, with about 45 million registered motorbikes. Riders without helmet are fined by authorities.
  6. Vietnam has one of the best educational systems in Asian with a literacy level of 97.3% for those between 15 and 50 years of age.
  7. Vietnam is the world’s second largest producer of coffee with approximately 20 percent of the coffee market share. So as a coffee lover, Vietnam is the best place for you.
  8. Vietnam is the world’s largest producer of cashew nuts
  9. Elephant rides are one of the most popular local activities in Vietnam. Tourists really enjoy it so you might want to give it a try when you visit the country.
  10. Vietnam is one of the developing countries with the lowest unemployment rate, ranking 32nd in the world with approximately 4%.


Now that you have known all the important things you need to know about adating a Vietnamese woman, we are sure that if you follow this guide, you will find the right Viet babe in no time. Good luck on your search for true and unconditional love.

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