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Vietnamese Brides
Vietnamese Brides
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Vietnamese Brides: Find Beautiful Vietnamese Women Looking for Marriage

Yes, they are very similar to other Asian nationalities. And yes, they are different — just like any other beautiful Asian brides. We are sure that you have a right to learn more about Vietnamese mail order brides if you want to find a hot wife — and we’ll gladly help you. Right now, we will explain three things: a) how to attract a woman from Vietnam, b) how to have a great first date and c) why Vietnamese women for marriage do certainly deserve your attention.

But at first, let us present you the list of the cheapest, safest, and most popular Vietnam dating sites. We have double-checked everything — safety certificates, pricing policies, reviews and feedback, etc. We can guarantee that 100% of the sites you’ll find on this list are worth trying! Please note that every dating sites rating you see on our website is constructed based on our team's subjective opinion only.

Best Vietnamese mail order brides sites in 2020:

Last Updated: Feb 2020
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6 main reasons why dating Vietnamese women is 100% worth trying

We’ve had a hard time limiting the list of reasons to only 6 main ones. Why? Because there are actually MUCH more reasons to fall in love with a woman from Vietnam. If we wanted to list them all, the list could be 100 reasons or more!

As you’ve already guessed, we want to show you the list of the best features of the girls from Vietnam. Be careful with this list — because after reading it, you’ll most likely want to date one of them right away!


Reason 1: Vietnamese Brides are adorable

Yes, we mean their appearance. You might say that it’s not the biggest thing, and we won’t argue about it — that’s true, and there are lots of other essential factors when it comes to choosing a gf or wife. There are plenty of qualities of a perfect partner — empathy, openness, intelligence, etc. And yet, we’ve decided to mention their beauty first.

At first, Vietnames babes are skinny. We don't know the reason why — it's probably because of their diets of rice and chicken and their genes — but it’s really difficult to find fat Vietnam girls. And there are literally no fat Vietnam mail order brides because only the best of them want to find a foreign men for marriage. Women from this country look fantastic — they have pale skin, big eyes, and perfect oval faces, just like all the other Asian women.

There is one more feature of Vietnames ladies, and this feature distinguishes them from all the other Asian girls. The thing is, Viet women are skinny, but they do also have fit legs and butt, which makes them extremely hot. Seriously, they are much hotter than any other Eastern Asian nationality (because of their bodies), and they are often considered more beautiful than any other Southeastern Asian nationality (because of their cute Eastern faces).

And don’t forget about their amazing sense of style. It’s a secret feature of hot Vietnames women for marriage — most of them look stylish 24/7, and the good news is that they don’t even need to spend thousands of dollars to look so. Their makeup skills are also great — they never look bright, but they always look like top-models. And the last piece of good news: just as any other Asian nationality, Vietnamese babes age well and they look younger than they really are. Just imagine a hot Asian woman who knows how to use makeup and how to look stylish, a woman who will always look younger than she is, and you’ll understand why Vietnam girls are so popular.

Reason 2: Submissiveness

Here comes another important feature for every man who wants to find a Vietnamese wife: submissiveness. Of course, we don't want to say that every woman must be submissive. What's more, we certainly don't think that a passive woman is the best woman, and we are sure that you won't argue with us here. But... Not everyone is crazy about modern independent and strong Western ladies. No offence, but we all know that sometimes (quite often these days to be honest) modern Western women are too strong and too independent. That's not cool.

There are literally millions of Vietnamese singles, and almost each of them will easily remind you what a real woman is. A womanly woman, you know. Feminine. A woman who doesn't want to be the leader in the relationship, a woman who will walk behind you, a woman who will ask you before doing anything serious. If you want to be the the leader, if you want to feel manly, if you want to be the man who makes the decisions, try dating Vietnamese babes. They’ll give you what you want.

 Vietnamese babes

Reason 3: Vietnamese girls are caring

She'll buy you chocolate, leave you notes, and hug you. She'll always take care of you. She'll support you no matter what. Asian women are known for being loving and caring, and hot Vietnamese girls will not disappoint you in this regard.

They are also very supportive, that's another important reason why they make good lifetime partners. We all need support, and unfortunately, we don't always get it. But with a Vietnamese wife, you can forget about this problem. She'll always stay by your side, and she'll always do her best to cheer you up.

Reason 4: Loyalty

When a woman divorces in Vietnam, it's quite hard for her to marry again. That's how the Asian societies work, and that's probably the most important reason why Vietnamese women are so loyal. Even now, adultery is a crime in some Asian countries — sounds quite weird (if you're not an American attorney of law), but it's quite logical that women who have been raised in such societies prefer not to cheat on their husbands.

But this game is played by two. You’ll also have to be the most loyal man in the world — and taking into account the fact that your future Vietnamese mail order wife will 100% be extremely hot, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Reason 5: Cooking, cleaning, taking care of children

It's another "not-the-most-important" factor, but we believe that you should know what to expect. And the good news is: your Vietnamese mail-order bride will not only be hot and caring, but she'll also be a great housekeeper. She'll clean, she'll cook, she'll buy grocery, she'll take children to school — Vietnamese ladies are totally hard-working, and you'll definitely notice it. But please, don't let her do all the housework alone. If you help her, you'll show that you're a real gentleman, and exotic Vietnam girls adore gentlemen!

Reason 6: Vietnamese wife are not materialistic at all

Stereotypes, you know... You’ve heard of them, but not all of them are true. This is probably the most common false stereotype about Viet ladies — the thing is, men often think that it’s all about money, Green Card, and financial stability. But it really isn’t.

Beautiful Vietnamese women aren’t looking for an ATM. They don’t need to flee from Vietnam — they’d love living in the first-world country, it’s true, but it’s not the most important reason for them to look for a foreign husband.

We understand that it may sound like a cliche, but it’s all about love and respect, not about dollars and Green Card. Every Vietnamese bride wants to find a man who’ll love her, respect her, and care about her. That’s what they need.

Vietnamese mail order brides

Finding a Vietnamese bride: how to impress her on the first date

You’ve chosen one of our top Vietnam dating sites, found a girl, and arranged a date. Now, you need to know what to do on the first date to impress her — and we’ll gladly help you. 7 simple rules are here — just follow them and you won’t screw up!

  • Make the first step because she won't. Women who were raised in traditional societies are caring and feminine. But there’s also the other side of the coin — they don’t make the first steps. Your young Vietnam bride will expect you to make the first step — so don’t disappoint her.
  • Take it slow. Yes, there are lots of hot Vietnam girls who’re looking for a hookup. But we are sure that you are not looking for such girls. If you want to find a wife, take it slow — neither first nor second date will end up with pants on the ground. Maybe, she’ll kiss you after a second or third date, but nothing more.
  • Pay the bill. Forget about splitting the bill if you’re going to date Vietnamese. You’ll have to pay, that’s the Dating Rule #1 from the book of Asian Dating Rules.
  • Open the doors for her. Opening the door for a woman can be called sexism, that's true... But not in Vietnam. These women are very feminine, as we’ve said, and they love being treated like princesses. And yes, opening the door is called “treating like a princess” in Vietnam.
  • Give her flowers. Be romantic. All women love romantic things, and the girls from Vietnam are of course not an exception. Flowers are cheap, but they will surely impress her!
  • Make the decisions. You are the leader of the relationship, you are the captain of this ship, and it’s you who make the decisions. Choose the restaurant, choose meals, choose wine, choose the hotel, choose the honeymoon destination — you’ll have to make all of the decisions, so get used to it.
  • Be careful with sarcasm. There are three reasons why we say it. First, pretty Vietnamese singles are not native English speakers, so their English is just not good enough to understand the puns. Second, sarcasm isn’t as common in Vietnam as in the United States, so even if she understands every word, she might just not get the humor. And third, she might be offended by your joke.

Dating Vietnamese women

How to make Vietnamese girl fall for you?

The first date is over. Now what? How to act around her? What to do and what not to do? These 5 simple tips will help you!

  • Understand that she is an independent person. Yes, each of them is a little more passive than an average American woman. But it doesn’t mean that your future wife from Vietnam will be your property — no, all these women are strong and independent in their own way, so please, respect that.
  • Never cheat on her. Just no. Cheating is the worst thing you can do in a relationship with a beautiful woman from Vietnam.
  • Be serious. 95% of these women want to settle down, not to find a man to spend a few nights with. Show her that you aren’t messing around, show her that you are a serious man with serious intentions, and you’ll love the result.
  • Respect her. Respect is probably the most important thing in a relationship with a Vietnam mail order bride. If you respect her unconditionally, she’ll respect you unconditionally, it’s simple as that.
  • Respect her family. We were wrong — cheating is actually not the worst thing you can do. Showing disrespect to her family is. Family is a top priority for every woman from Vietnam, so if you want to have a strong and long-term relationship, simply respect her parents.

Bottom line

Dating a girl from Vietnam is one of the best things you can do. They are gorgeous, hot, caring, and traditional — and we can safely call them wife material. So, if you want to create a happy family or to build a long-lasting relationship, you know what to do. Choose one of the websites found by our experts, find your love and begin a new life today!

How do I get a mail order bride from Vietnam?

Vietnamese ladies gladly communicate with men and get into relationships, and you have very high chances to approach one of them if you are active enough in communication. Try using dating websites to get to know some women from the East! Be a gentleman, and Vietnamese mail order brides will like you.

Why do Vietnamese brides want to marry foreign men?

The mail point is that Viet women are delighted with modest and respect men. You should monitor your appearance, language, manners, and behavior. If you want to conquer the heart, you will need to make these little steps, but the result will be awesome. Perfect Viet mail order bride will only be yours.

What is the average age for marriage in Vietnam?

On average, Viet women get married at 18-25 years old. Dut to quite a stable situation in the country, they can choose  for themselves when it is time to get married with perfect men. Also, it is very important that after getting married, they don't change the family names.

How much do Vietnamese brides cost?

If you have ever dreamt about meeting attractive Viet women, it is real. The pricing system is very loyal. Comparing to other mail order brides, it will cost cheaper. The price will be near $2700 per year for all the dating services online, plus the travel expenses. It's not too expensive for these very attractive women.

What to expect from your Vietnamese mail order bride?

Anybody can fall in love with Viet mail order brides. Thanks to their focus on family and their loyalty in relationships, they can be an ideal partner for your life. Also, they tend to follow a healthy lifestyle: no cigarettes or alcohol in their lives. That's what makes Viet brides so attractive.