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Vietnamese Brides
Vietnamese Brides
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Hot, Friendly & Caring Vietnamese Brides

According to recent research, the number of Vietnamese mail order brides who migrate to marry foreigners and even Vietnamese men living abroad is still pretty big. Tens of thousands of cases of marriage with foreign people take place every single year. Korea, America, China, and Australia remain the most “popular” countries - most brides move there to get married to men they love. Why is this still trendy? Why do Vietnamese women do it? Keep reading on to find out!

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Last Updated: Jun 2020
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Who are Vietnamese mail order brides?

Who are they? Vietnamese mail order brides are young women (according to recent studies, almost all brides were under 30, and over 70% of them were aged less than 22) who are looking for husbands abroad for plenty of social, familial, cultural, and economic reasons. Still, the demographic reason is the most important one: in many important flows, women outnumber men (Reference #2).

In other words, there is nothing about the green card or “gold-digging.” Women in such a difficult situation are looking for solutions – we think it is normal. Still, we must admit that this sounds too rational, so let us use the phrase that describes the situation as it is – certain economic, social, demographic and personal reasons make Vietnamese women look for love abroad.


Reasons why men choose mail-order Bietnamese wives

Now, when the motivation of single Vietnamese women is clear, let us take a look at the things that make men fall in love with them.

It is super hard to take eyes off them

Why do we mention looks first? The answer is simple: the first thing that men notice and consider when choosing a woman. Some may say that this is offensive, but this is just a fact. Still, we would like to make one thing clear – beauty is enough to attract a man, but it is not enough to melt his heart.

In the case of Vietnamese girls, taking care of their looks is part of culture.

You will hardly meet a woman who does not hide her face from the sun in the street – in Vietnam, tanned skin shows that the person is poor and does a lot of manual labor. Local girls pay much attention to hair, body, clothes, etc.

This is what allows them to attract thousands of men worldwide. Though this is important, they are known as the best girlfriends and wives for plenty of other reasons.

Care & respect are the glue that keeps spouses together

These women are incredibly caring, and this makes them the best spouses. Marriage is not only about passion, or beauty or anything else that is no longer important after you live under one roof for a few years. Care and respect are the things that matter, and girls in Vietnam understand this. Moreover, they do not force themselves to be caring and respectful. This is just how they express their love to their husbands.

 Vietnamese babes

They are perfect hostesses

Yes, we are not going to deny that the fact that these ladies are perfect hostesses makes them good wives, too. Cozy home, delicious meals, family dinners, all this makes men happy, and girls in Vietnam are champions in creating a cozy atmosphere.

Material values are not as important as the family

The institution of the family is very strong in the countries of Asia, and Vietnam is not an exception. The ways daughters in Vietnam treat their parents says a lot about them, actually. A lot of women who move abroad to earn some money note that they are very happy to be able to support their brothers, sisters, and parents (References #1).

They always stay in touch with their relatives, and they are always ready to help them, so consider this when marrying a girl from Vietnam. Her family will be your family, too. Of course, the family a Vietnamese girl builds with her husband is just as important, and it is good for children as well. From early childhood, kids know that there are parents who will always support them. That helps them grow up confident, strong, and respectful.

Vietnamese women are strong

According to the recent surveys, pretty Vietnamese women are often better at business than men. Did not expect to hear that? Well, we did not expect to see such the results of social surveys, too. The thing is, female labor migrants, as well as women who stay in the country, can be perfect hostesses and at the same time be better at the business or at work. They are more patient, and their desire for development is really strong. (Reference #2)

Such unique qualities and their incredible ability to remain good hostesses and strong business women make them perfect wives to western guys. By the way, a lot of them make this much effort to be successful not only to make their families happy but also to help their parents. Many Vietnamese mail order brides (especially those who live in rural areas) note that the belief that “a son is better than a daughter” is still popular. No wonder they want to prove that it is not true and that sometimes a daughter is better than a son.

Vietnamese mail order brides

Winning the heart of a girl in Vietnam – the best tips

Dating someone from another part of the world is not an easy task. Still, it is not this complicated. Vietnamese brides are very sociable women who respect other cultures, but there are some tips that can help you avoid mistakes and show her that you can really be a perfect match.

  • Do not hesitate to take the lead. Though these girls are strong and confident enough to make the first step, they prefer not to take it. Why? They just want to see if a man is motivated and confident enough. Sounds fair, right? Anyway, taking the lead is a must for a guy who wants to marry a woman from an Asian country like Vietnam.
  • Give her some time. A beautiful Vietnamese mail-order bride will not marry a first man who says that he wants to build a relationship with her. She wants her marriage to be happy, and this is possible only if she knows that her husband really is her soulmate. Just give her some time to get a bit closer to you.
  • Be an old school gentleman. Forget about the western philosophy and remind yourself of good old Asian values. Get the door, pay the bill, give flowers, be polite and charming – such behavior is still appreciated in Vietnam.
  • Show that you are a decision-maker. Here is the deal: women in Vietnam are strong enough to make decisions, be fully independent, and achieve their goals. But they want their men to be stronger and even more confident than they are. Show her that you can support her in any situation and that you can take the lead, and she will definitely like it.
  • Be careful with jokes. No, we do not want to say that hot Vietnamese brides do not have a sense of humor. We just want you to remember that cultural & language differences often change the meaning of the message completely, especially if you are one of those who speak sarcasm. Try to avoid ambiguity or just anything that can be seen as offensive.
Dating Vietnamese women

Building relationships with Vietnamese brides – final thoughts

Does dating and even marrying a girl from Vietnam make any sense to a guy from a western country? Yes, of course, but only if he is looking for a strong and at the same time feminine woman who respects traditional family values.

Meeting a single girl in Vietnam is easy today – you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to get a small chance to meet your soulmate in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh or Saigon or even in rural areas. Today you can meet the hottest women with a few clicks if you pick a trusted niche site.


1 - Vietnamese brides reshaping gender roles at the China-Vietnam border


How can I get one of Vietnamese brides?

The simplest, quickest, and the most convenient way to get a wife from Vietnam is pick one of the niche sites. Feel free to choose any of the sites you can find on this website – we have already reviewed each of them carefully.

Why do girls from Vietnam want to move to another country?

As we noted before, they do it for plenty of reasons. It is the country where women outnumber men significantly, where women still need to get married at a pretty early age, and where girls dream of love.

What is the age of Vietnamese brides?

The majority of women get married at a quite early age. Most brides are 18-22 years old. As for the age of their husbands, foreign spouses are usually 10-12 years older than their wives.

How much are brides in Vietnam cost?

You cannot order one of them, pay a certain price and then have a wife delivered to your doorstep. However, you will need to pay for basic & special dating services (if you choose a paid site, of course). The prices of membership on such platforms, as well as prices of services, vary.The price will be near $2700 per year for all the dating services online, plus the travel expenses.

What is it like to live with a Vietnamese wife?

They make great wives not only because they are hot & feminine but also because they are multi-taskers. They are also very motivated to have and raise children, and this never means that they are ready to forget about their children for some time.