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Japanese Brides
Japanese Brides
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Japanese Mail Order Brides Are Waiting For Your Messages!

Want to find a beautiful Japanese brides for marriage? Then you have to know two most important things. First, the girls from Japan are awesome. Second, we’ll help you to find your ideal partner from this country right now!

Here, you'll find the our list of the best Japanese mail order bride's sites. Notify that all ratings of this websites is completed by our team and represent our subjective opinion only. We have done our best, analyzed all the most important factors, and tested the dating sites to present you the list of the safest, cheapest, and the most popular Asian dating services. If you want to know more about each of them, read the reviews — but we can safely say that none of them will disappoint you!

Best Japanese brides sites in 2020:

Last Updated: Jan 2020
asia charm review

Asia Charm

Great variety of a hot Japanese mail order brides in one click.
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Choose a Japanese girl for marriage from the largest database of singles.
AsianDate Expert Review


One of the most popular Asian dating sites with a lot of Japanese singles
Asian Feels

Asian Feels

Join Free to find a Japanese wife of your dream.
AsianLadyOnline review


The most beautiful Japanese women are waiting for you. Do not miss the opportunity to find your destiny!
Romance Tale review

Romance Tale

A lot of single Japanese women are looking for communication and marriage.
AsiaMe review

Asia Me

Looking for Japanese girl for marriage? Try AsiaMe to make your dream come true.
japancupid girl


Sign up for free to browse the most attractive Japanese women.
AsianDating Review


Cupid Media dating site with a lot of Japanese girls

Why do Japanese girls become such good wives?


Want to find a Japanese bride? It’s a very good choice! They are hot, family-oriented, and smart… But that’s not all. Japanese girls have lots of prominent features — and if you want to know more about them, just continue reading this text. So, why everyone loves them?

Because of their appearance

You've probably heard something about the exotic beauty of Asian women. They are very beautiful, that's a fact — and hot Japanese women are probably the most beautiful among all Asian girls. Dark eyes, healthy black hair, tender hourglass figures, long legs — we are sure that it's impossible not to be impressed when you see a beautiful mail order bride from Japan for the first time.

It's not only about their natural beauty. Another cool feature of Japanese brides is that they adore diets and fitness — so almost all of them are fit and have healthy smooth skin. Not to mention their awesome sense of style — we don't know how to explain it, but the majority of women from Japan look extremely stylish and hot 24/7.

Because they are well-mannered

It's all about the Japanese bride's traditions — in this country, the girls are usually raised in accordance with the traditional values. As a result, these women are 100% polite — so don't worry, your Japanese mail order wife will never make you feel uncomfortable. Women from Japan are probably the most polite in the world!

Because they are respectful

As you probably know, Japanese society differs from Western societies. Respect for men, elders, family, and personal space is one of the most important values of the modern Japan society. You don't need to learn about the mentality and about the cultural and historical differences between Americans and Japanese — the only thing you have to know is that your Japanese bride will respect you unconditionally. And of course, it means that you’ll have to respect her, her family, and her personal space as well.

beautiful japanese girl 

Because Japanese mail-order brides are family-oriented

It’s another great feature of Japanese mail order bride — most of them want to build a strong family with a decent man. If your girlfriend sees you as a responsible, respectful, and loving man, she'll do her best to create a strong and long-lasting relationship. A lifetime relationship, maybe. Who knows?

In short, Japanese wife is the best choice if want to find a lifetime partner, but these women are definitely not a good choice if you’re looking for a hook up.

Because they are smart and well-educated

One of the most common stereotypes about the Asian brides is that they are uneducated. Well, that's clearly not the case when it comes to the mail-order brides from Japan — most of them have at least one degree, and as you probably know, Japanese bride's education is extremely good. In short words, it means two things:

  1. You will never be bored with your Japanese girlfriend
  2. She will not have any problems with earning money in the USA!

japanese brides

Wrong stereotypes about Japanese brides

There are some true stereotypes about these ladies, both positive and negative ones. On the one hand, they are really smart, beautiful, family-oriented, and they have a great sense of humor (even if it's a little bit childish). On the other hand, they are sometimes not emotional. These stereotypes are true.

Unfortunately, there are also lots of false stereotypes about these women. Let’s talk about them.

They are NOT too independent and too career-oriented

Lots of men think that if they find a beautiful Japanese girl for marriage, she’ll be too career-oriented, like some American women. If you’re one of these men (or if you’ve ever heard such a stereotype), here’s what we can say about it: it’s 100% not true. Yes, your hot Japanese bride will be independent, and yes, she will earn money and contribute to the family income. But family, husband, and children are still the main priority for all the women from this country, and they will never work to the detriment of the family. Single wife from Japan are the perfect combination of hard work, intelligence, and love for a family — so don’t worry, they are extremely feminine. Even if they earn a lot of money and hold high office.

Japanese mail-order brides are submissive

It’s another popular misconception about Asian women in general and Japanese brides in particular. Some men think that they are extremely passive — but this is just another false stereotype. In reality, your Jhot apanese mail order bride will not be passive at all. She’ll be active, intelligent, hard-working, and extremely beautiful — and you just can’t deny that there are no reasons for a hot, hard-working, and intelligent Japanese woman to be submissive. Unfortunately, men often confuse submissive women with shy and respectful women, but we hope that you won’t repeat their mistake.

They do NOT just want to leave Japan

This is a popular stereotype about all Asian brides, not only about Japanese ones. Yes, some women from the Southeastern Asian countries may want to find an American husband because of the high standard of living in this country (and in other first-world countries). But the thing is, Japan is a first-world country, too — so when a Japanese mail-order bride wants to find a Western husband or boyfriend, it’s all about love and feelings, not about money and Green Card. You can’t impress a bride from Japan with the fact that you’re a foreigner, so you’ll have to find other ways to impress her!

You can NOT buy a Japanese mail order wife

Yes, a woman who wants to find a foreign husband is called a mail order bride, but of course, it doesn’t in any way mean that you can buy her. It’s like a traditional online dating — you send messages to her, you video chat with her, you buy her gifts (it’s optional), you meet her and then you start your love story. The fact that you pay for sending messages to a single woman in Japan or for sending her a bouquet doesn’t mean that she is your property or that she must be your partner. It’s about chemistry and love, not about buying a Japanese mail order wife.

japanese girl for marriage 

How to attract a Japanese bride?

Let’s make it clear: the women from Japan are extremely good. Appearance, character, values — they make perfect wives and girlfriends. But how to attract them? How to make a Japanese lady fall in love with you? Continue reading and we’ll answer all these questions — and the good news is that it’s not actually so difficult to attract such a lady. Here are the main rules.

  • Show that you’re interested in Japan. Asian women love when we ask them questions about their country, that's a fact. Japanese brides aren't an exception — they are always glad to talk about their country and culture. What's more, such questions can be great ice breakers!
  • Be as respectful as possible. As we've said, it's all about respect in Japan — women respect men, and men must respect women as well. Be respectful to her, her friends, and her family... And you'll love the result.
  • Be real and honest. A lie is a red flag in Japan, so when she catches you in a lie, it's most likely the end. Don't lie to her, be honest and open, show the real you — it's the fastest way to show her that you are a decent man.
  • Be strong, but don’t be aggressive. Women from Japan, just like from any other Asian country, adore strong men. But don't overdo it — don't act like a "dominant" male, that's what we're talking about. Unless you want to scare her, of course.
  • Be careful with alcohol on a first date. We’re afraid that even social drinking can be a problem. Unfortunately, lots of men from Japan are big drinkers (but not all of them, of course), so it's quite a serious problem in this country. A glass of wine will be ok, but not more than that.
  • Learn a little Japanese. Want to impress a foreign woman? Learn her language. You don’t have to speak Japanese fluently, of course — even a few sentences will work great.
  • Buy her a small gift. It’s not about Japanese mail order brides only — this advice works internationally. Buy a bouquet, a chocolate bar, or her favorite perfume, and you’ll definitely love her reaction!
  • Be faithful, intelligent, and hardworking. According to surveys, these qualities are the most important ones for the girls from Japan. So, if you meet these requirements, you have the highest chances to attract a lady from this country!

What else to know about Japanese mail order brides?

  • They are great cooks and your house will always be extremely clean. It’s one of the coolest features of these ladies — even if they work 9 to 5, they always find time to do all the housework!
  • They are 100% loyal. If you have ever dreamt of having an extremely beautiful girlfriend who will not just be hot but also beautiful, you should definitely think about dating single Japanese women. They are 100% loyal because cheating is much less tolerated in Japan compared to the West — their culture, religion, and traditions make it impossible for them to cheat.
  • They usually don't complain. Western women often talk about their issues, but that's definitely not the case when we're talking about the ladies from Japan.
  • They look younger than they are. They really do! It’s all about diets, fitness, vitamin supplements, and a healthy lifestyle. Slim figures, no wrinkles, and jet black hair even after 60 — isn’t it great?
  • They know English. Most women from Southeast Asia speak very poor English, but not Japanese brides. The majority of these women have at least B2 level of English, so you won’t even feel the language barrier!

japanese mail order

The bottom line

Japanese brides are fantastic. They are hot, exotic, they are very feminine, they want to create strong families, and they are 100% loyal. If you want to find a lady from this country, try one of the Asian dating websites we've found for you — millions of Japanese girls for marriage are waiting for your messages, so don't waste your time and find your future partner right now!