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Japanese Brides
Japanese Brides
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All About Japanese Brides Mail Order

Japanese girls have been marrying foreigners since the 1970s, and yes, it is still trendy. Moreover, they show great geographic diversity in choosing foreign boyfriends and husbands. More precisely, Japanese brides marry Korean men (about 25% of all foreign grooms), Americans (about 16%), Chinese men (12%), surprisingly, Brazilians (about 5%) and Britons (about 4%.) [1]

It is clear that these girls are not as conservative as many people think, in the sense that they will marry a foreigner if they fall in love and move to his country, if necessary. But does looking for Japanese mail order brides in 2020 make any sense? What are these girls like? Let us find out.

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What are Japanese mail order brides like?

Firstly, we must emphasize that Japanese brides are regular Japanese girls looking for marriage. That is why we will analyze their roles and qualities in terms of the traditional image of Japanese “wife and mother” based not only on our own experience and knowledge but also on the results of surveys and researches. So what are they really like?



According to Statista, the number of female Japanese students has grown from 1.19 million in 2010 to 1.28 million in 2018. [2] This is not just a number – this is the social trend of crucial import ance. These figures show how much Japanese society has changed over the past few decades and that it continues to change. Women in this country are not just wives or mothers – today, their strong desire for self-development can come true if they are motivated enough to learn a lot and work hard. This does not mean that they are ready to forget about the family, though.

In other words, men have a unique chance to get not only a beautiful & caring but also a smart and well-educated wife.

What about Japanese brides looks?

What do you imagine when hearing about Japanese women? Maybe you see a cute Kawaii girl? Or a business lady in a suit? Or maybe you imagine a hottie wearing a mini-skirt and heavy makeup? Well, we are not going to deny that you can meet all three types in the streets of Japanese cities. However, there is at least one thing all these ladies have in common. They are not only naturally beautiful – they also have their own style and make an effort to look gorgeous. It would be a mistake to think that this does not matter to men. Of course, the fact that these women are aging incredibly slowly and gain no weight is worth noting, too.

Good manners

Many people think that Japanese people hide all their emotions. It is widely felt that a Japanese wife’s face can express nothing but neutral emotions. People believe that they are always calm, friendly, respectful, and caring. Of course, they are, but these are not the only things that characterize them.

By the way, this is the good news for men like Japanese women but do not want to live a boring life with a very shy wife – these girls know how to laugh and how to cry, and they do not hesitate to show their emotions. Yes, they do it less often than most western girls, and they never do it in public, just because a public display of emotions is inappropriate. But it is about good manners, not about the lack of feelings.

beautiful japanese girl

Child rearing

There is no denying the fact that Japanese women are great mothers. They think that child-rearing is one of the most important things in life for a woman, so every man who gets married to a Japanese girl can expect his wife to be a good, caring and loving mother.

By the way, there is a pretty unexpected thing that explains why Japanese brides marry foreigners – they expect their husbands to be involved, communicative, and emotionally supportive, but they rarely get this from Japanese men [3]. So if you want your Japanese wife to be really happy, you can help her with household chores and child-rearing from time to time. These girls do not have groundlessly high expectations, so this will not be an exhausting experience for you – some attention, support, and practical help are enough.

Love & family are the priorities

It is no secret that the motivation of mail order brides is the biggest concern for all foreign grooms. They think that women from poor countries move not because they love their boyfriends (who were met online) but because they want to escape poverty and get more opportunities in developed countries. In fact, this is one of the sets of reasons why girls from Japan move to get married, but this is not the most important of them.

Nevertheless, Japanese brides live in one of the most developed countries in the world. Japan is associated with the advanced technologies, virtual reality, and scientific progress at large, so it is pretty hard to imagine that a single woman in Japan will marry a middle-class American because he is rich. Yes, there are certain things that make these women look for a husband abroad, but they are not related to a man’s income and nothing but it. Therefore, Japanese mail-order brides are looking for love, and they get married to a man only if they finally find it.

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Stereotypes about Japanese brides

There are some stereotypes that all Japanese women (and even men) hate. Take a look at the most annoying of them to avoid misunderstandings and not to make mistakes when trying to win a Japanese girl’s heart.

  • Sushi restaurant is the best restaurant because any Japanese woman eats sushi every day.
  • Loving Kawaii and anime is a must for all Japanese women, so they all love those cute things a lot.
  • Japanese brides are super submissive, have no rights and interests except for obeying to a man.
  • Japanese girls are not passionate, they are always cold and polite.
  • They secretly hate Americans.
  • They are very weird, so if you marry a Japanese girl, your marriage will be a complete disaster.
  • These women eat only weird food like the horse or whale meat and know how to cook it, and nothing but it.
  • You never know what a Japanese woman feels because she always hides her emotions.
  • A Japanese girl does not care about romance, so her husband does not need to do anything cute and romantic.

Winning the heart of a Japanese woman – best tips

There is no universal solution, no successful strategy that will allow you to make any Japanese woman fall in love with you. The best thing you can do is to consider the cultural background, some traits, and sensitivity and try to focus more on your qualities that are considered as attractive by Japanese girls. Here are some most useful recommendations.

  1. Show respect for Japanese culture.
  2. Do not drink too much, especially on first dates.
  3. Show that you respect her and treat her as an interesting person.
  4. Show that you can take the lead but do not be too dominant or aggressive.
  5. Give her a small meaningful gift (it is not supposed to be pricey.)
  6. Show that you are ambitious and hard-working, tell her about your dreams of career, plans, but try not to sound as if you are boasting of your achievements.

As you can see, there is nothing extra special about Japanese women’s expectations, but there are some nuances to consider.

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The bottom line

According to the recent studies, 8 out of 9 interethnic couples lived together in the country of the non-Japanese spouse [4] . This proves that it is normal for Japanese brides to live in their husbands’ countries, and let us be honest – they assimilate there more easily and more rapidly than other Asian brides.

Though Japanese people know about western trends and even like some of them, not all new views on certain cultural and social traditions and institutions become part of Japanese culture too. It remains a quite conservative country where people respect traditions, and this makes ladies from Japan so attractive. Men who marry them get faithful, hot, and at the same time ambitious, smart and well-educated wives. The best thing is they do not even have to leave their comfort zone to find such women – a lot of beautiful ladies from Japan can be found on top dating sites.


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