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Asian Mail Order Bride Cost: Statistics, Advantages, and Savings

9 June 2022
Asian Mail Order Bride Cost: Statistics, Advantages, and Savings

Love can’t be predicted, and you never know when and where you will meet your soulmate. A perfect lady might live in the same city or in the other part of the world, so a man has to take action to find his love. One of the most popular ways is to use dating websites because there are numerous profiles of Asian ladies who want to meet their ideal American guys. It’s clear that if you want to receive high-quality services, you need to pay for them because true professionals don’t work for free. Usually, Asian mail order bride cost depends on several factors, such as a woman’s place of living, the sum you are ready to spend, or her intentions and wishes. Actually, according to Statista, 30% of respondents from the US said that they are in committed relationships with a person they’ve met through a dating site, and 32% have fallen in love with someone from a dating website.

In general, online dating saves a lot of time and money because a man doesn’t need to go out of his house to spend the day with his lady. All he needs to do is log in to his profile and start communicating. Moreover, there is no such perception of the “date” in online relationships as in “offline” because partners don’t go to restaurants or other places. They value each other’s company more than any fancy settings and manage to make their meetings unusual and interesting. However, as soon as your feelings become stronger, you’d want to meet your lady in reality, and that’s the time when you might face bills for your expenditure. To be prepared, you should understand what you will have to pay for on the way that will lead you to the lady. So, how much does an Asian bride cost? Let’s explore the prices!

Best Dating Sites To Find An Asian Wife

Last Updated: Dec 2022

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9.9 - your perfect Asian matchmaker!


OrchidRomance is a perfect place to look for your stunning date from Asia.

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Asian Mail Order Bride Cost

This might seem like you are spending money on expensive services, the outcomes of which you don’t know. However, it’s more like an investment rather than just an expenditure. A man who uses dating websites can be confident that he will meet a perfect woman within a certain time and have serious relationships with her. As for how quickly this will happen, it mainly depends on a gentleman’s preferences and views on dating. He might want to get to know the lady better and spend a year communicating with her. But also, he could understand that she is his perfect match only after a couple of months of being in relationships.

Online dates are less expensive because they don’t require paying for meals, movie tickets, club entrances, or similar places. You might save a lot of money on online dating because if you have dates once a week, which many ladies find not enough, it will cost you around $130 per date. Moreover, couples who date in reality, need approximately 42 months to decide to get married. And online dating requires only 18.2 months until partners are ready to take serious steps. There are many Asian mail order bride sites that offer affordable prices and outstanding services, providing their customers with fascinating experiences that improve their love life.

There are different prices, but men use credits to pay for the activities on the websites. If they want to chat with a lady, this will cost less than, for example, sending her flowers and gifts. The prices for credits depend on the size of a package so that they might vary from $9.99 to $149.99. On average, men spend $100 on the services of professional matchmakers as there are not only credit packs but also premium subscriptions and other opportunities.


Experienced travelers know many hacks for buying tickets, so they prefer to purchase them on certain dates to save money. In general, a ticket from the US to one of the Asian countries is $500-$800 for economy class. It depends on a gentleman whether he prefers comfort over anything and is ready to spend more than $1000 on tickets or doesn’t pay attention to such details. You can compare prices on different websites to pick the most profitable option. Also, small companies sell tickets for lower prices than world-known aircraft giants, and a gentleman can save up to $100 when using them. Moreover, one flight is not enough, so you might decide to meet your lady at least twice before getting married, so it means buying round-trip tickets every time, which would cost about $2,760.

Romance tour

Asian Mail Order Bride Tour

This is optional because some guys might feel like they can easily plan activities with their lovers themselves. However, this is a chance to make your trip unforgettable because romance tours’ planners provide services that allow a man to enjoy his time with a lovely lady while they take care of everything. This offer includes guided tours, translators’ services, in-country travels and car rent, visits to the restaurants, and other preferred activities. Depending on this, Asian mail order bride cost might vary as different countries have contrasting prices. We can suggest that the minimal price for a romance tour is $3,500. If a man decides to bring gifts for his gorgeous lady, it will also become an additional sum to the total price, but he is the one to choose. Also, the dates cost differently in each of the Asian countries, starting from $20 for a meal for two.


There are famous and respected hotels like Hilton in many countries, so if you prefer to live in such a place, you’ll pay $113 per night. Surely, there are cheaper and more expensive accommodations because if you want to have some bonuses like breakfast, swimming pool, or hot tub, the price will be higher. There are simple local hotels that offer good services for reasonable prices. So, if you’re not a fan of expensive rooms but rather prefer to support small businesses, then stay in such places. They will both save your money and make you feel closer to the local culture.

๐Ÿ“Œ Best Countries To Find Asian Wife

Visa Costs

If you have decided to find Asian bride, keep in mind that when visiting her in her country, there will be bureaucratic charges. The best option is to get a fiancรฉ visa (K-1), the cost of which varies from $1,200 to $5,000. USCIS Filing fee is $510, and Embassy Fee is $265. There are variable costs that depend on the country you are visiting, and they include travel costs, medical exam ($60-$300), assistance, and so on (postage, passport, photos). Therefore, the average price will be $1,700.

A table with the main expenses

Dating site$100 per month x 12 months$1,200
Flights$690 per flight x 4 flights$2,760
Romance tour$3,500 (minimum)$3,500
Hotels/apartments$113 per night x 28 days   (2 x 14 days trips)$3,164
Visa costs$1,700$1,700
Grand total $12,324
๐Ÿ“Œ Japanese Mail Order Brides Cost 

Final thoughts

There are many factors that influence the cost of an Asian mail order bride. Clearly, a man is the one to decide how much money he is ready to spend on his love life. Dating websites offer great services that help people find each other, and they also save money. After all, guys tend to spend bigger sums when dating in reality rather than online. The reasons are that you need to go out a couple of times a week, buy new clothes to wear on dates, and buy bouquets or small gifts to show that you care for your lover.

Moreover, online dating saves a lot of time because “offline” you need to schedule your meetings and make sure that each partner will be able to meet on that day and time. Also, it prevents negative experiences on first dates as, by the time you and your lady decide to see each other in reality, youโ€™ll know everything about one another. Thus, Asian mail order bride cost is an affordable option for those who want to find a perfect woman who would meet oneโ€™s expectations and goals. Donโ€™t hesitate and create a profile online as your bride might be waiting for you there. We wish you the best of luck in your searches!

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