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Your Dating Profile — How to Attract an Asian Wife in 2019
Your Dating Profile — How to Attract an Asian Wife in 2019
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Your Dating Profile — How to Attract an Asian Wife in 2019

1 May 2019
How to Attract an Asian Wife

Beautiful Asian women are what thousands of single Western men dream about. These ladies are charming, cheerful and cute. There can be nothing better than having a supportive Asian wife. But how to get one?

We suggest you update your dating profile in these simple steps to attract an Asian mail order bride for sure.

Step #1. Upload the best picture

Saying that Asians are addicted to social media is nothing — in fact, Asians are insane about social media. They know everything about social media and scan profiles professionally to see which kind of a person owns it. That’s why when dating Asian girls online you need to be extremely cautious and meticulous in order to attract Asian singles.

Start with your picture. The first thing that an Asian mail order bride would pay attention to in your profile is your photo. Make sure it’s of a high resolution, with you looking the best. It can be a selfie, but a good one — forget about bathroom pics and creepy photos with you in cop-sunglasses. Your face shall be visible, and a smile is a must. The optimal version would be to hire a professional photographer, but it’s not a necessity.

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Step #2. Tell about your intentions

Many dating and mail order bride sites provide enough space for members to describe themselves. Use that for telling an Asian mail order bride what she would like to learn about you — that you are into a serious relationship, that you cherish her culture, that you would respect her parents as your own, etc.

Sure enough, you need to tell the truth about yourself, but you also need to correspond with what Asian girls seek in Western men. You may also emphasize your financial stability (it’s one of the reasons why Asian women long to marry Western men), your interest in learning, let’s say, Chinese language and so on.

Step #3. Provide your physical parameters

Asian mail order brides need to know everything about men who they may potentially date — from the top of the head to toes. Therefore, mention such your physical parameters as height, weight, age, eye and hair color, etc. If you are a tall blonde with blue eyes, you will be a hot pie among Asian girls — each of them will fight for becoming your Asian wife.

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Step #4. Let an Asian bride know what you’re looking for

Not all Asian women who register on mail order bride site are into marriage. Some of them look for long-term relationships without marriage, others seek commitment for a short period of time. If you want to find an Asian wife, let Asian girls know about this.

Describe in your profile what your perfect is like, describe your expectations about her role in your potential family, share your views on marriage and so on. Asian mail order brides might be shy to ask you directly in messages about all these issues at first, so it’s better you avoid creating inconveniences for them.

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Step #5. Update your profile from time to time

If you’ve been registered on an Asian mail order bride site for quite long but no (or very few) Asian girls have actually approached you, then it’s a red flag — there’s something wrong with your profile.

Take some time to review it and correct mistakes — once you update, Asian mail order brides will approach you without a second thought.

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