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Main Page Blog How Much You Will Pay For a Filipino Bride? All About Online Dating Expenses

How Much You Will Pay For a Filipino Bride? All About Online Dating Expenses

9 June 2022
How Much You Will Pay For a Filipino Bride? All About Online Dating Expenses

Is dating a Filipino woman online cheaper than in person? Definitely yes. Imagine, you would have to fly to the Philippines, search for a girl and spend on dating her. Doing things online, securing everything is a better option for sure! In this blog, we will tell you how much finding and dating a Filipino bride will cost you.

Best Dating Sites To Find A Filipino Wife

Last Updated: Feb 2023

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The cost of getting a Filipino bride to the US

It is only natural to consider moving expenses when you take the relationship with your Filipino girlfriend seriously. Note that you can only bring a bride to the USA if you are an American citizen. There are two options available: you can “sponsor” your spouse’s green card or you can obtain a K-3 visa. The estimated price for that is around $1200. If you are not yet married, you will need a K-1 visa. It will allow you to get married and then apply for permanent residency. And the estimated expenses are around $2000. That is the most significant part of the cost of moving your Filipino bride to the US. Other expenses are variable and may include:

  • Tickets to the US and additional travel expenses
  • Insurance

The cost of the move is not cheap, but it is definitely worth spending if you love the Filipino woman you are dating. If you think that she is the one for you and you want her to be your life partner, the price doesn’t matter at all.

Why is dating a Filipino mail order bride cheaper?

Visiting the Philippines will include these expenses:

  1. Getting a visa (depending on your country of nationality)
  2. Flying arrangements (tickets, food)
  3. Accommodation
  4. Regularly visiting bars, cafes, restaurants, and clubs to meet a Filipina
  5. If you find the right lady, you will have to go on dates with her regular dates
  6. It may not work out with one lady, so you will have to find another one and pay again
  7. You will have to impress her with gifts, etc.

This looks pretty insane, why not to consider a Filipino mail order bride option?

dating with filipina woman

Is it possible to buy a Filipino girl?

You cannot buy a Filipino mail-order bride. Philippines brides are independent women who want to marry foreigners by their own will. The international mail order bride industry isn’t about human trafficking. It’s about online dating. Special agencies and sites facilitate these opportunities, but you have to pay for their services. If you want to have an international family one day, you have to pay.

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How much to date a Filipino girl online?

Dating sites services

Prices on different dating sites vary. On average, though, you have to be ready to spend this much:

When choosing a site, pay attention if you will have to buy a membership package or credits. If the site is based on a membership system, you will have several options (e.g., Standard/Basic membership and Premium membership). Premium membership will give you access to a much greater variety of features:

  • Advanced search
  • Access to all profiles/personal photos
  • Access to video introduction of girls
  • Access to CamShare and voice messaging, etc.

If the site uses credits, check how much each service will cost. 1 email usually costs 1 credit. If emailing is enough for you, you will probably be spending just $30 a month. If you want to talk to all Filipino women on your way, using all communication tools, you may be spending a few hundred dollars monthly.

You can also try Romance tours. These are special tours organized by marriage or bride agencies where you can meet dozens or hundreds of Filipino girls at parties. You can talk with them, flirt and exchange contacts.

Visiting her

If you have found that one and only girl, it’s a good idea to visit her in the Philippines. Moreover, if you plan to marry her one day, as an American citizen you have to see her at least once within 2 years before getting married. So what is the price of visiting a Filipino bride in the Philippines?

  1. Visa – a few hundreds of USD
  2. Flight tickets – a few hundreds or thousands of USD
  3. Accommodation and restaurants – depends

Note, that if you are a US citizen, you don’t need a visa under 30 days. If you come from a different country, you may need to spend a few hundred dollars for that.

cost of filipina mail order bride

Regarding flights, this depends a lot on which country you are flying from and whether you will have an Economy or a Business class. Accommodation and restaurants depend as well. A room in a hotel in Manila may cost you from $20 to $90 per night, so keep this in mind as well.


How much for a Filipino bride? In total, be ready to spend from $1,500 to $10,000 for dating a Filipino bride. This is the price you may have to pay (better say – invest) to secure your future family. But if seriously – money does not matter when there is love. SO we wish you to find your love.

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