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Best Indonesian Dating Sites
EasternHoneys review
  • Free Registration: Yes
  • Mobile Friendly: Yes
  • Paid version: from $2.99
  • Profile quality: 8.9
Orchidromance review
Orchid Romance
Orchid Romance
  • Free Registration: Yes
  • Mobile Friendly: Yes
  • Paid version: from $9.99
  • Profile quality: 9.2
asianmelodies girl
  • Free Registration: Yes
  • Mobile Friendly: Yes
  • Paid version: from $2.99
  • Profile quality: 9.4
Date Asian Woman Review
  • Free Registration: Yes
  • Mobile Friendly: Yes
  • Paid version: from $3.99
  • Profile quality: 8.9

Indonesian Mail Order Brides From Reliable Indonesian Dating Site

Mail order bride sites are known for providing the best brides who have all or most of the traits of a potential wife. If you are looking for Indonesian brides for marriage over the web, we have got you covered. Find a huge database of Indonesian brides only at Please note that all dating sites ratings you see on our website is purely our team's opinion.

Top Indonesian mail order brides sites in 2020

Last Updated: Apr 2021



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Orchid Romance


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Date Nice Asian


Would you like to date nice Asian ladies? You can easily do so online with the help of DateNiceAsian!

What makes Indonesia bride the best choice for a mail order wife?

Indonesia bride

Hot Indonesian girls are a delight to be around and this is why men find them to be very attractive. They love to wear makeup and keep their hair properly arranged. They are very caring and responsible. No wonder they are perfect choice for a mail order wife.

Well cultured Indonesian women

What sets Indonesian girls apart is their well-cultured and sumptuously altruistic behavior. This makes them the best potential wife. From a very young age, Indonesian singles have been taught to behave well. They treat everyone with respect. This is something we see in every Indonesian wife. As a husband and a future father, you would want to look for someone who has these qualities when you’re looking for a partner. One can easily find an Asian wife here.

Indonesian mail order brides are known to be quite religious and traditional. Yet they manage to be the most adventurous women. This will make for a great match if you want a married life which is full of fun and wild adventures. Besides, these women are mostly educated and like to be independent. So, if you are looking for an Indonesian wife who loves being pampered, you are in the right alley.

Talk to Hot Indonesian girls of your type

Mail order bride sites give you the opportunity to talk to women who have similar interests and taste like yours. This helps cut short the process of looking for someone in the real world where it is not as easy to find someone with similar interests. Besides, if you are a busy man and cannot afford much time to socializing, then mail order bride sites would do all the work for you. All you need to do is give a few minutes of your day. You will have to register where you will fill your personal details.

What are Indonesian women really like?


Indonesian mail order brides look quite exotic and are one of the most beautiful women to walk this earth. There is a lot of diversity in women from Indonesia . They’re mostly a mix of Indonesian with other nationalities. So, you can only imagine the diversity of attractiveness you will find in them.

If you live in a distant country, you do not necessarily have to fly all the way to Indonesia. In a digital world like today, the woman of your dreams can be found with just the click of a mouse (or touch of the screen). It’s relatively easy to find singles from Indonesia with the help of mail order bride sites, where you can find the best match. A quality mail order bride site would include genuine and a diverse r ange of Indonesian singles.

What are Indonesian dating sites?

If you are someone who does not have prior experience with online dating sites, you don’t have to despair. This is because mail order bride sites are not like a usual online dating site. These sites are quite serious with the people they are dealing with everyday. They make sure that nobody on the website is fooling around or wasting their time and that of others. They assure you quality services and demand a fee for premium membership. This ensures the credibility of the person using his profile on the website.

How to know which sites are the best to find Indonesian Mail Order brides?

The best of the Indonesian dating sites ensure that the users are protected. This is why, all the profiles of these Indonesian singles are first scrutinized by the experts working with the mail order bride sites and then put up on the site. Good websites have strict verification regulation. They make sure that the information provided by a woman is completely genuine.

The great Indonesian women characteristics


Additionally, these websites also provide video calling services. Here you can actually have live video chats with the women and see for yourself if she’s genuine. That’s the best part of using mail order bride sites. Unlike any other online dating sites, you can be sure that women on these sites mean business and are not there to waste your time.

Indonesian ladies prefer western culture

Moreover, preferring single Indonesian women is also a wise choice as a foreigner. This is because Mail order brides from Indonesia are akin to the western culture. They are even adopted some of the western practices, such as fashion and clothing in their own country. They are fond of western fashion and are aware of what’s going on in countries like the US and Canada. So, you will have a lot of things to talk about and discuss with an Indonesian wife. Besides, what's more, attractive than a woman who knows what's happening around her and has an opinion about it?

What are the secrets to dating Indonesian girls?

As a person who does not belong to Indonesia, you might have some questions regarding cultural barriers and the language. But when it comes to girls from Indonesia, this is barely the problem. Indonesian ladies are well-educated. This is one reason you shouldn't be worrying about any language barriers. Most of them speak relatively good English . Besides this, they also value their culture and religion a lot. This means that you will have a lot to learn about a new culture.

Mail Order Brides from Indonesia are not conservative

Indonesian culture, being so rich and vibrant, is sure to make you want to adopt some of these cultural practices. However, this does not mean that Indonesian brides are conservative. This is far from the truth. Marrying an Indonesian woman would be a great adventure for you. Why is it so? They are religious and cultural. When they need to, they can also be the most fun, wild and adventurous girls to be around.

Indonesian ladies look after themselves


Additionally, girls in Indonesia give a lot of importance to maintaining their looks. Indonesia is one country where looks are given much significance. As a result, most I Indonesian ladies you will come across would have their nails done and makeup on point. This is also the reason why the beauty industry in Indonesia is flourishing.

They spend a lot of time and money on looking the best version of themselves and wearing the most fashionable, trendy outfits. This stands especially true for the singles.

They know that they are being considered a potential wife. Hence, they need to look their best to attract the man they want. Rest assured, your Indonesian wife will always be well-dressed and looking her best.

What are the dos and don’ts to dating Indonesian women

If you plan to marry Indonesian girl, there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to take care of. Let us have a look at them in detail.


  • Accept the fact that Indonesian singles are quite diverse. She will bring the same diversity in your home when it comes to culture and tradition.
  • Be respectful towards her family. Since we know how religious these Indonesian girls can be, it also holds true that they value their parents a lot.
  • Appreciate the fact that she wants to be independent. Indonesian ladies have been raised to be independent of their childhood. So, it will be foolish to expect anything less from them.
  • Commit yourself. If you really want to marrying an Indonesian woman, then you should show your commitment and stick to it. Single indonesian women do not appreciate it when her partner is simply fooling around. This stands true for every woman, in fact.
  • Expect to have a grand wedding. Indonesians are known to have grand reception parties which usually go beyond 500 people. It is a social norm in Indonesia to celebrate weddings in a grand way. This is a special occasion in the life of a woman. So they leave no stone unturned to celebrate this special of her life.


  • Expect her to leave her family. Although she might agree to leave her family to stay with you for good eventually, do not expect her to leave her parents right away. Indonesian ladies are believed to have lived with their parents to they are 35 years old. So, it will be a gradual process until she can finally stay away from her parents.
  • Avoid legal norms. There is a slew of legal provisions in Indonesia when you want to get married to an Indonesian woman. Your plan might be to have your wedding in Indonesia. If so, there are plenty of legal provisions that you must stay wary of. Do not avoid them, or you might face penalties. That is the last thing you would want when you are in such an important phase of your life.
  • Disrespect her parents. This is in relation to the first point. Indonesian brides respect and love their parents very much. Their familial bonds are very strong. It becomes really difficult to sustain a relationship with a woman from Indonesia if you cannot gel well with her parents. Loyalty to her parents would go a long way in a successful marriage with an Indonesian woman.
  • Have premarital sex. This might come as a shocker, but Indonesian society still does not appreciate premarital sex. So, even if you have come to a consensus with your partner to have sex, make sure you keep it discreet.

We are sure you have enjoyed getting to know the angels that Indonesian girls are. They are beautiful and exotic but can also be a handful to manage. This is what makes them all the more attractive. They are smart, fun, adventurous, religious, wild—all at once.

Find perfect Indonesian singles for marriage and dating

Keep in mind all the things that you should ignore while you go after your dream girl. If you start on the right foot, there is nothing that can come in between the two of you.

If you do happen to have a successful stint with mail-order brides, then you are a lucky man. Indonesian brides are motherly and wifely and can be your best friend. So, you better take care of her when you finally meet Indonesian women.