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Mongolian Mail Order Brides – Strong, Beautiful, And Single

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Last Updated: Feb 2021



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Local Vs. Western men – Why do Mongolian brides like foreigners better?

mongolian mail order brides

The answer to this question is pretty obvious – Mongolian mail order brides have problems with local men. Mongolia is a very special country: there are some facts that will surprise you, and they are related to gender inequality. You probably thought that women are discriminated there? Well, the real situation is much more complex and interesting than it appears.

Fact # 1 – Mongolian women are more educated than men

A few decades ago a new social trend was formed: parents in Mongolia did their best to provide their daughters with quality education. Rearing livestock is a hard man’s job, and girls need to support themselves in some other way. Some parents encourage their daughters to move to the capital, and all are trying to provide them with everything they need to acquire a profession.

According to statistic, 62 percent of university graduates in Mongolia are women. This leads to the “opposite” gender inequality. Men in Mongolia are less intelligent and educated than women. This is a big social problem for ladies in this country. That is why they often look for a husband in other countries.

Fact # 2 – Gender imbalance

Unlike their parents (a few decades ago the situation was different), Mongolian women for marriage often cannot find a decent man, even in the capital. In Ulaanbaatar, there are 60.000 more men than women. Moreover, in the cities, around 40 percent of guys aged 15 and over are already married. The corresponding figure for women is only 32 percent. Many successful and beautiful Mongolian ladies notice that they have been single for years and that the number of demands on men was gradually decreasing.

Fact #3 – Women are more ambitious

Men just cannot compete with hot Mongolian women, and they feel it. Guys think that being so ambitious and independent is not attractive, and some even mention that there is no point in self-development if it is decreasing the chances of finding a husband.

Fact #4 – High divorce rate

mongolian wives

There are a lot of divorces in Mongolia, and the number of single mothers is also enormous. It such a status is not a problem for you, you will find your perfect Mongolian woman without any difficulty.

Fact #5 – Alcohol addiction among men

We have already mentioned that the divorce rate in Mongolia is very high, and one of the reasons why families are falling apart is alcoholism. This is one of the biggest problems in the local society. Hence, if you don’t have this problem, you will succeed in Mongolian women dating.

Fact #6 – Domestic violence is legal?

There is no specific legislation on domestic violence in Mongolia. In other words, it is pretty difficult to punish a man who laid a hand on a woman. Furthermore, a woman cannot report violence anonymously, so most girls choose not to speak.

Fact #7 – Women still face inequality

Notwithstanding the above, female employees still face discriminatory under-payment of wages, sexual harassments, and condescending attitudes of men. Authorities are unable to provide them with health services, support for mothers with many children, and single mothers. Many successful and beautiful Mongolian ladies form non-governmental organizations aimed at helping women to go abroad to study or at least go to the capital to enter the university.

Reasons to find a wife in Mongolia

mail order brides mongolia

We described all the social problems that make Mongolian mail order brides look for a husband abroad. But is a marriage with a girl from this country a really good idea? What can a western man expect from his Mongolian wife? To answer this question, you need to learn everything about these girls’ character, values, and lifestyle. So who are Mongolian brides?

Mongolian women for marriage are stunningly beautiful

We all heard about the beauty of Asian women for sale. The so-called Yellow Fever is spreading – a lot of men from different countries are dreaming of marrying a sweet girl from one of the Asian countries. Japanese, Korean and Chinese women are considered to be very hot, and Mongolian brides are often underestimated. Frankly, they are even more beautiful than a girl of other ethnicities. They have perfect features and long dark hair. There is no need to say that most of them are in great shape. In general, if you want to meet a beautiful Asian lady, search for her in Mongolia. This country is really a land of dreams.

These girls are the perfect singers

beautiful mongolian women

The song is an integral part of the life of all Mongolians. They all sing a lot, and women really have incredible voices. You can hear them singing everywhere – in the streets, in karaoke bars, in churches, and that is fantastic.

Hot Mongolian women have a special charm

These ladies are very feminine, no matter how hard they work. There is something special in their voice and manners. They have a charm that men cannot resist.

Mongolian brides are loving and faithful

If you are looking not only for beauty but also for a life partner, a companion you can always rely on one, choose a Mongolian wife. These girls still see marriage as a union of two loving people who are together in sickness and health till death do them part. They will do anything for their husband, and this makes them the most loving and loyal wives ever.

They respect elders

Respect for elders is sacred to Mongolians. Even if someone is a few years older, he or she is considered to be wiser. No matter who you are talking to, the CEO of a big corporation or an old homeless, you must be respectful. You should not worry about the conflicts between your future wife and your parents. They just will not arise.

Family is the most important thing to hot Mongolian girls

Family is the main value of people from Mongolia. And we are talking not only about mom, dad, and siblings but also about uncles and aunts, distant relatives, wives of distant relatives, etc. Family meetings are always huge: around 100-150 people gather to celebrate a special event and discuss all the latest news. If you want to start a happy family, find a Mongol girl – they know how important family really is.

Mongol girls speak English

Mongolian dating culture has its own special characteristics, but the good news for every man looking for a bride in this country is that a lot of Mongolian girls speak English. Lots of Americans come to Mongolia to teach English. As mentioned above, the level of education is pretty high there, so the language barrier is not a big problem. However, if you want to attract a Mongolian babe’s attention and then win her heart, learn at least a few phrases in Mongolian. This will make your bride and all her relatives and friends adore you.

These ladies are very passionate

Forget everything you know about sexual traditions and taboos in Asia. Mongolia differs a lot from other Asian countries. For instance, in India, recently widowed women committed suicide by burning to death. Sounds crazy, right? The craziest thing is that some women still follow this tradition even in the 21 century. In Mongolia, women had lots of responsibilities, and not all of them were household chores. Women played an important role in economics and even in politics. When a husband died in the war, a woman moved to her husband’s relatives or even took over his role. More importantly, Mongolians did not really care about premarital sex. A woman’s ability to have children always was a top priority, and that is why there are no strict sexual traditions in this country.

Mongolian women dating – How to find these beauties online?

date mongolian girls

There are lots of sites that connect western men and girls from Asian countries. It may seem that there is nothing easier than using Google search and joining one of them, but unfortunately, it is more complicated. There are a lot of aspects every user needs to consider when picking a mail order bride site. Before you join one of them, you need to find the answers to the following questions:

  1. Who are the members? What ratio of men to women? Are there many Mongolia girls?
  2. Are profiles detailed? How does the search work? Does the website find matches for you?
  3. Do the profiles seem real? Is there a verification procedure or any other guarantees of online dating safety?
  4. What are the basic and special features? Are there different communication tools like video chat?
  5. Is the pricing policy reasonable? Are there any hidden costs for special services?
  6. What about privacy policy? Is providing your personal and financial data a good idea?

As you can see, a man looking for Mongol girls needs to analyze all aspects and details, read lots of reviews written by the members and compare the sites which seem trustworthy. It will take time, but it is necessary not only to find a good Mongolian dating site with thousands of Mongolian chicks but also to protect yourself from frauds and spam. If you do not want to spend hours searching for top dating sites, you can take a glance at our list of top platforms. Our experts have already carried out the analysis which allowed them to select the best websites and identify their main advantages and disadvantages. Just look through the reviews and pick the site you like more and start making contacts with beautiful Mongolian women.

Here are some tips that can help your online dating experience safe, pleasant, and effective:

  • Set up a profile and fill it out completely – the more information you provide, the better matches you will find
  • Upload a few photos – any Mongolian woman views a profile before writing a message, and a photo increases the chance that she will respond you
  • Never share your financial data and do not send money to protect yourself – do not leave the platform and do not save money even if it is what the hottest woman ever asks for it.


beautiful mongolian women

Hot Mongolian girls seem to have gotten the best parts from strong and independent western ladies and sophisticated, loyal and feminine Asian women. A few decades ago you could hardly meet one of them, but today you can start a relationship with a Mongol girl without leaving home. This is a perfect option for every single man who does not want to leave the country to meet a perfect bride. Just select the great, trustworthy site and enjoy communication with the hottest ladies ever.