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Pakistani Brides
Pakistani Brides
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Pakistani Mail Order Brides – The Most Gorgeous Girls For Marriage

Lots of men are dreaming of meeting a mail-order Asian wife. Chinese, Korean, and Japanese ladies are extremely popular, but what about Pakistani mail order brides? Where and how to find them? Are they really worth it? It should be emphasized that women are Pakistan’s greatest treasure – they can make all your dreams of happy married life come true. The question is where to meet them. Our team have already analyzed and compared the largest international dating sites with thousands of hot Pakistani women for marriage and selected the most reputable. Each of the platforms in the list below is legitimate and trustworthy. If you want to learn more about these girls before you pick a site, read the info below and then get back to the rating of top dating websites. Please note that the scores and dating sites ratings you see on our website is purely our team's opinion.

Top sites to meet Pakistani Mail Order Wife

Last Updated: Apr 2020

Why do Pakistani girls become mail order brides?

pakistani mail order brides

Most men who are thinking about finding a mail order bride inevitably ask themselves a question: “Why do pretty, sweet, kind, and wise Pakistan women cannot meet a husband in their own country and start looking for him abroad?” In the case of Pakistan, there are a few reasons why beautiful Pakistani women prefer guys from other countries.

  • Many Pakistani men control every aspect of a wife’s life. Despite the fact that Pakistani society is gradually becoming more and more liberated, some of the craziest social traditions are still strong in this country. For example, women cannot even leave home without a husband’s permission. More importantly, children also must do everything an overbearing father tells them to do.
  • Violence against women. Domestic violence rates are also incredibly high – around 1.000 women die as a result of domestic violence every single year. Moreover, Pakistan is the third most dangerous country for women in the world.
  • Poverty. This is a country of contrasts. There are thousands of incredibly rich people there, and millions of poor citizens. Life in there is not easy, and many Pakistan women are looking for a better life, not only for themselves but also for their future kids.
  • Inequality. The fact that Pakistani girls are discriminated may seem obvious, but the real situation is more complex than you can expect. The thing is no matter how educated a Pakistani mail order wife is, no matter if she is smarter than a husband or not, she must exercise her duties which are cleaning, cooking and child-rearing. They cannot even make friends with locals and especially foreigners.

What you need to know about hot Pakistani women

beautiful pakistani women

Lots of men from different countries notice that Asian women are gorgeous. They are not only beautiful but also gentle, soft and at the same time strong, motivated to start a family, very loving and faithful. Pakistan is one of the best countries to search for a bride. Why? We have described all their characteristics, virtues, and values below. Read this information carefully to make sure that Pakistani women are great wives and mothers.

They are very attractive

Whatever people say, appearance matters. Fortunately, there is no single standard of beauty, and every person is beautiful in his or her own way. If you like blonde models with very full lips, heavy makeup, and fake eyelashes smiling from the cover of magazines, you will not like Pakistani hot girls. However, you will be fascinated by their looks if you like natural beauty. These girls have perfect skin, thick dark hair, and deep, charming dark eyes. They love colorful clothes that hide their bodies, and it is easy to explain. The beauty of a Pakistani wife is only for one man, and she does not want to share it with other guys. The interesting fact is that these girls do not really like sports. There is no gym class in school. Men in Pakistan consider cricket to be the best thing ever, but women never play any sports. Paradoxically, they still stay fit.

They are more conservative than men when it comes to a family

It is not a secret that the status of women in Pakistan is not high. In this country, women play a certain role – the role of mother and wife. However, even though this runs counter to all values and concepts of feminism, this is a choice of a Pakistani girl for marriage. These ladies love their families more than anything else.

There is another interesting myth about these ladies. It is considered that they do not want baby girls. Well, sons are really more appreciated, and this is related to poverty. A son will help parents when they get old, and a daughter will live in a family of her husband. However, this society is more progressive than many people think: Pakistani mothers love their daughters as well as sons.

They are smarter than men

There are a lot of schools, colleges, and universities in Pakistan. The level of education is also pretty high. More importantly, kids and students learn two languages: Urdu (the official language of the country) and English. This is a nice bonus for every single man looking for a hot Pakistani woman. The language barrier may be a big problem for spouses, but if you marry a Pakistan babe, you can avoid misunderstandings.

Surprisingly, Pakistani ladies are even more educated than men. Unfortunately, it does not really matter. A man is in charge regardless of his level of education. As for professional life, there are a lot of business ladies, female professors and even politicians in Pakistan. Hence, the country is on its way towards gender equality.

They are hard-working

As we have mentioned, Pakistan is a country where women can have any career. Lots of parents, for instance, want their daughters to become doctors. The teacher is another popular profession. However, a lot of women work at home providing various services which are mostly beauty treatments. There is no need to say that having a career does not replace doing household chores. These ladies usually reconcile work and family life.

They are very hospitable

Pakistanis are some of the most hospitable and friendliest people in the world. According to Islam, guests are the angels who come to your house. Their visit brings joy and light, and they take all negative energy away when they leave. If you marry a Pakistani, your home will become the favorite place of your relatives and friends.

They are perfect cooks

If you cannot imagine your life without delicious food, marry a Pakistani mail order wife, and you will never regret your decision. She will not buy meals in the local restaurant every single evening. These ladies are spoiling their husbands with super tasty home-cooked dishes.

They have a good sense of humor

In spite of conservatism and traditionalism of Pakistani society, sense of humor is much appreciated there. Women, as well as men, like good jokes and can make you laugh without any effort. If you think that a woman should be vivacious and positive, Pakistan is your land of dreams.

Where to meet beautiful Pakistani women?

pakistani brides

We mentioned that our experts have picked top dating sites and rated them to help you choose the best platform. Of course, joining the international mail order bride website is not the only way to meet stunning Pakistani women for marriage, but is it the easiest one. You can browse the female profiles on social media, for instance, on Facebook.

However, such a strategy has a few significant disadvantages. Firstly, such kind of search is very time-consuming because you will need to check the marital status of every girl you find. Secondly, there is no guarantee that a babe you liked is looking for a serious relationship. That is why we think that dating sites with thousands of Pakistani brides who want to start a family is a much better option.

Thus, you can find a website that will meet your demands by analyzing lots of platforms or pick one of the websites we chose. It is up to you. Anyway, you need to know how to date a girl online. That is why we collected the most useful online Pakistan dating tips.

  1. Create a good profile. A detailed, fully completed profile is the key to success in online dating. This is the first thing girls notice, it is like a business card, so spend some time to make it look perfect.
  2. Add good photos. According to statistics, profiles without photos get 20 times fewer responses from women. Choose the best pics you have, but do not try to look 20 years younger. Your future wife will meet you in real life one day. No one wants to feel disappointed.
  3. Provide detailed information about your lifestyle, priorities, values and some basic info like age and marital status.
  4. Do not try to look much better than you really are. Some men think that they need to attract female members’ attention at any costs. Well, this is not the best approach ever. She will know the truth anyway, and in such case, you will hardly make a good impression.
  5. Do not choose the girls by their looks only. It is a well-known fact that appearance matters. Whatever people say, it is the first thing we usually notice. If you do not consider someone attractive, the chance that you will start a happy and long relationship is not too big. Nevertheless, do not make looks your only search criterion. Consider a lady’s values, characteristics, hobbies and interests, and marital status. All these things are essential.
  6. Initiate communication. Do not wait for women to send you messages, initiate conversations. You do not even have to send messages. There are special features on most top websites like sending winks. This is a sign that you liked her, and if she likes you too, she will let you know.
  7. Keep in touch with girls you like. Special features are the major reason why online dating is so popular. We mean that members can use various communication services to keep in touch and get closer. If you met a girl and fell with her, do not lose contact with her. Texting is not the only way to know each other better and make a relationship work: you can call your dream girl, send her virtual, as well as real gifts, make video calls and even request her contact information. If you are 100 percent sure that she is the one, you can buy a Romance Tour to see her in real life and give it a try.

Most Useful Pakistan Dating Tips

Dating a local girl from any of the countries of the western world is sometimes complicated. There is no need to say that building a relationship with a lady from a far Muslim country requires patience and understanding. Before you decide that it is too complex for you, read the tips below. Follow them to find common ground with hot Pakistani women.

The trick is pretty simple: all you need to do to win a Pakistani girl’s heart is to respect her unique personality, values, and lifestyle. You can also find the detailed info about Pakistan dating below.

Respect her values

Although Pakistan is a relatively young nation, it has a long history. It has mixed various Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu elements of cultural and social organization. The majority of Pakistanis are Muslims, and religion has a huge impact on the social and political life of the country and its citizens. In other words, these ladies are pretty conservative. Yes, they use smartphones, post photos, and videos on Instagram, buy trendy clothing, but they preserve their traditional values. Even if some things seem very weird to you, you should never show disrespect to anything that is normal for Pakistani people.

Give her gifts

Some men think women are too materialistic. Well, everything depends on the social roles of men and women. If you are looking for a family-oriented Pakistani wife, a princess from East, you should treat her like a princess. We do not encourage you to spend thousands of dollars on high-end watches and jewelry, cars and houses, but you should at least show a woman that you can be a breadwinner. It is another tradition: there is no denying the fact that men control almost everything in Pakistan, but they also have certain responsibilities. Give your Pakistani mail order bride cute and thoughtful gifts, and she will appreciate this a lot.

Avoid discussing politics or any other controversial topics

Almost all Pakistanis take a certain political position. Discussing religion is not taboo, but you do not want to say anything bad about Islam – this can lead to the worst consequences. Discussing sex-relating topics is absolutely inappropriate. Consequently, you should pick the most casual, neutral topics. Ask a girl about her family, her goals and ambitions, interests and hobbies, and you will avoid awkwardness and conflicts.

Show her that you want to start a family

As we have already mentioned, Pakistan women are pretty conservative. This, in turn, means that they are not interested in a short-term relationship with a man. It just does not make sense. Why would a Muslim girl date a man if she does not plan anything serious with him? Pakistan is probably the worst country to look for an affair or one-night stand. Emphasize that you want a family and children – such a position can scare off a Western woman, not a girl from a traditional Muslim country.

Be romantic

Pretty Pakistani babes want to be treated like princesses. Maybe it is somehow related to the popularity of romantic movies – these girls expect a foreign boyfriend to be as romantic as possible. It is not that hard: write sweet messages, give her flowers and cute presents, tell her how beautiful she is, and you will be irresistible.

Premarital sex is a taboo, so do not push her

Women of any ethnicity like confident and active men. However, this does not mean that you can be hypersexual, especially when it comes to Muslim society. Do not even talk about intimate relations with a Pakistan bride – this is not only rude but even offensive.

Finding a Pakistani girl for marriage – Conclusion

Loving, gentle, feminine, hard-working, beautiful and intelligent women are the greatest underestimated treasure of this country. They make the best wives and mothers. Just like the girls of any other ethnicity, they are looking for a supportive, reliable, and loving husband. Fortunately, today you can meet a Pakistani beauty online. So, if you are such a man, especially if you are a Muslim, choosing a wife from Pakistan may be the best decision you have ever made.