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Cities to Meet the Hottest Girls in Japan for Dating and Marriage
Cities to Meet the Hottest Girls in Japan for Dating and Marriage
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Cities to Meet the Hottest Girls in Japan for Dating and Marriage

21 January 2019
Japanese Girl

Japanese are internationally known as workaholics, but some beautiful, cute girls are exception to the rule. Asian women are attractive and skinny with pale skin and back hair. No wonder men from around the world are always eager to meet them. If you’re planning to visit Japan or move there for one reason or the other, then you’ll definitely want to make friends with some of the Japanese cuties and probably start a relationship with one that could lead to marriage.

Generally you can find cute and lovely girls anywhere in Japan. Yes, there are a bunch of them everywhere in the country. But we have prepared a list of some Japanese cities where you can meet different types of girls depending on the one you like.


Tokyo is the only well developed huge Asian city in the world, and it has many interesting things to offer, including many hot Japanese women. There are different types of girls in Tokyo.

When you head towards the north to cities like Aomori, Iwate, Akita, Sapporo, Hakodate, and Sendai you will meet the hottest Japanese girls without makeups. Another great place to meet gorgeous babes in Japan is the Yaeyama islands in the southwest of Okinawa.

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Osaka is one of the largest city port situated on the Japanese Island of Honshu. Osaka girls are the friendliest girls in Japan when compared to other major cities. They have a good sense of fashion, and a lot of them have a kind of care-free attitude. If you love women that know how to do good makeup, then Osaka is the right place for you.

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Nagoya is the largest city in the Chūbu region and the fourth most populated city in Japan. It is one of the major ports in the country and the capital of Aichi Prefecture. Nagoya is where you will find chicks with the hottest hime gyaru (those pretty girls that love dressing like princesses with unbelievable tight-fitting outfits).

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