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If You Date a Woman in Japan, Remember This!
If You Date a Woman in Japan, Remember This!
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If You Date a Woman in Japan, Remember This!

17 April 2019
If You Date a Woman in Japan, Remember This!

Men from the Western world dream of getting Japanese girls for marriage , that’s why they search for them on the dating sites. It is not that obvious how to date girls from the other side of the world: they may have different worldviews and mentality, hence you should know some hacks communicate with them.

For example, Japanese brides. They are so mysterious and attractive that very few gentlemen can resist the desire to know them better. However, there is a range of important things you need to remember while getting in touch with these women.

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Parents are everything

You may have already got familiar with the thought that parents decide a lot is the life of an Asian girl. It is a widespread practice that ladies listen to what their mom and dad say. Japanese girls are not an exception.

The family is the center of their attention and their main authority. So, if you want to be in favor, make sure to make the parents of your lady like you.

 Japanese girls for marriage

Mind the language

It is important for the Asian people when those from the West try to support their culture. That’s why it would be very nice if you tried to learn some Japanese or at least know more about their culture. No doubt that your lady will appreciate it and will have a more positive attitude. And so will her parents, by the way! And as we already know, parents’ opinion values.

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Give them some personal space

Here is the main difference between the Eastern and the Western world. People from America can be quite persistent, while the Eastern mentality is a lot about personal space and respect to the right of being alone.

Don’t press your lady too much. Give her some time to get used to you and be gentle in general if you want her affection.

Japanese girls 

Before the date

Before you actually ask her out, spend at least some time chatting. It is preferable to talk on the Internet and know most about each other before you go on a date. Japanese women like it when men let them stay safe and make careful decisions, hence try to be careful and don’t rush.

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Be honest and clear

Don’t try to lie to your Japanese girl. If you want an Asian mail-order bride, be straight about your intentions. It is not criminal to ask ‘Who am I to you?’ or ‘Where are we moving?’. It is a nice and gentle way to clarify the status. But, again, don’t be too pushy; there is no need to ask such questions at the very beginning or right after the first date. Keep the respective distance.

Also, don’t lie. If you want a simple flirt, don’t promise marriage. On the contrary, if you are aimed to find a bride in Japan, show it and let your lady know how serious you are.

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